East Coast Teas: thoughts and experiences

Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)August 23, 2014

Since we have a list of found teas going, I thought I would add the ones that do not appear on Burlington, Heirloom or Rogue Valley. Disclaimer, I did not include Greenmantle or Rosemary's Roses because they were smaller and have less of a mail order presence and no other reason AND I have tried to make the list based on what I can find on their websites, but that does not mean they have them instock or that they just have not added them yet:

Anna Yung
Anna Oliver from Roses Unlimited (same as Jackie's or no?)
Duchesse d'Albe
Grace Darling
Isabella Sprunt
Madame Antoine Rebe
Madame Scipion Cochet
Park's Yellow Tea
Perle de Jardins
Rival de Paestum
Souvenir de Francois Gaulain
Souvenir de Victor Hugo
Souvenir d'Elise Vardon
Tipsy Imperial Concubine
Mrs. Oakley Fisher
Beauty of Rosemawr

How did these do for you?

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I consider Mrs. Oakley Fisher to be wonderful here, in my top 10 for sure, maybe even the top 5. Good foliage (new is plum-colored), shapely shrub (one of the best-looking hybrid teas), fast repeat, exquisite fragrant flowers. A new flower opening on this one always makes me catch my breath for the sheer beauty.

Of your list, this is the only one I've grown.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I've grown Burbank, which I bought from Vintage as a China. After some years I took it out because I was frankly underwhelmed by the flowers, especially when they'd been on the plant more than a day, but it may look much better in a cooler or more humid climate.

Perle d'Jardins was a rose that hardly grew or bloomed in a previous garden. I wouldn't grow it again.

Mrs. Oakley Fisher, also in a previous garden, did not overwhelm me, although it's a great favorite here. I wonder whether hot and dry is not the optimal place for it to give its best.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Mme. Antoine Rebe, sadly, mildews in my garden. Too bad, because I do love the blooms.

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I went on RU's website, and they list Anna Olivier as a "Bermuda Mystery Rose". I have been told that Bermuda Anna Olivier is all yellow, all of the time, in which case it is not the same as mine (and is not really AO). I read that an all yellow one was also being sold in Europe.

Basically, in this country, if the nursery got it from Vintage Gardens, or someone who got it from Vintage Gardens (or Cass Bernstein) it is probably the same as mine. The Sacramento Heritage Rose Garden has it (under the study name "Schmidt's Buff Giant). Maybe they will be able to propagate it for their sale sometime.


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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

I just got 'Souvenir de Victor Hugo' from RU in June, and it's still in a pot, but it's blooming more steadily than the other 2 Teas I got ('Maman Cochet' is really just getting started with her blooms, and 'Enchantress' wanted a bit less sun than she was getting, I think).

'SdVH' started out blooming pale pink, but is now peachier in color; I'm not sure if it's just maturity or the heat.

I'm liking this rose so far...


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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Rogue Valley does carry Mrs. Oakley Fischer I believe. I've grown and lost Adam. I got it from ARE and it produced one flower while growing backwards for a year. It croaked in late spring. I really love the look of Adam but it apparently hated being in the same bed that Lady Hillingdon is doing quite well in now. It got full sun, the bed was prepared well, and I don't think it was for lack of water. I'm still unsure what it was, but no other rose I've grown has so steadily died while not suffering from rust or mildew. Maybe it needs very dry, warm conditions?


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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Your right Jay, Rogue does have Mrs Oakley Fischer, I must have missed her on the HT list thinking she was a Tea.

My Lady Hillingdon has put out a nice 18" tall cane! Lets hope she decides to do more than that because I love her new cane coloring.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

We grew Souv. de Victor Hugo. I wanted it because it was apparently grown here in the 19th-Century.

I don't know how well it grew THEN, but it declined to grow taller than 12 inches here ... and is No Longer With Us.

I suspect it wants a warmer climate than we had at the time. (It's getting hotter here all the time, now.)

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Oh, I forgot to mention I'm currently trying out Souvenir d'Elise Vardon, Kippy. I recently potted it up two a two gallon container. It hasn't bloomed much yet, but it's growing steadily with occasional light mildew that is excusable. I got it during the RU Summer Sale. I'll let you know how it does. It's my new attempt at a light apricot tea. Lady Roberts is lovely, but almost more orange than I'd like from the pictures I've seen.


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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)


How is your General Schabilkine doing?

I think I will order it with Anna Jung. Unfortunately the Climbing version of Lady Hillingdon is not available now.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Jay, another light apricot tea you might want to consider (assuming you don't already have it) is Miss Atwood. The color is very nice and blends well with pinks, creams, etc.


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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I've definitely thought about trying Miss Atwood, Ingrid. Your photos of it are beautiful.

General Schablikine is at my mom's, Kippy, but the last I saw it was doing quite well. It had run its course in the container it arrived in and is now in a 5 gallon container on the spot it will be planted in the fall. It's like SdEV in that it arrived with some buds and blooms, but hasn't bloomed while I've been around. It hasn't had any problems with mildew though. It has added new canes and substantial root growth. Hopefully the blooms aren't far away.

Ed: Another tea that I've never seen actually available at Rogue Valley that my mom is replacing some HTs with is Mme. Melanie Willermoz. It'll be coming from RU. I don't recall anyone on this forum who grows it, but it'll be interesting to see how it does. When the full site was up I jotted down which Teas Vintage listed in the small (1.) or moderate (2.) group that they carried and they listed Mme. Melanie Willermoz as a 1.


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jill_perry_gw(z9 CA)

I have two plants of Anna Olivier at home. Both are from plants found in Santa Cruz, and both of those are long gone. I had propagated one for San Jose, but it died. I've just rooted two more, so I hope I can get it back at the Heritage in the next year or so.


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