"Secret Garden Musk Climber"

jerijen(Zone 10)August 8, 2012

It's got hotter than the hinges here -- for once, all the way to the beaches. Roses that were in full bloom turned to plants covered with potpourri and many will now shut down.

But "Secret Garden Musk Climber" keeps pumping out blooms that scent the whole area. Gotta love it, no matter what it REALLY is . . .


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My true musk has shut down. Yes, it is hot, up in the 90's later today.

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Mine has a few scattered blooms still despite the heat. I moved it to half day shade after it started growing backward in the blazing all day full sun it was in. It didn't much appreciate the move. Now, it's trying to throw itself up into a small Lorapetalum tree.

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My experience with Secret Garden is, like Purezza, the hotter and sunnier it is, the more it grows and flowers. As long as both receive sufficient water, they pump out the canes and blooms! Too bad they won't agree to be bred together. I've tried repeatedly, no dice. Kim

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jerijen(Zone 10)

SGMC still gives me a lot more bloom than Purezza, tho I value both. The fragrance gives SGMC the edge.

When the heat hit, so many roses fried right away, it's wonderful that SGMC is still pumping them out.


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Not even so much as a brown edge -- thank you, Jeri, for a photo that makes one feel cooler just looking at it! The gallon-size SGMC I planted 6 months ago is already at least 3' x 3', has new basals shooting out all over, and blooms like crazy. There's a rose that doesn't just sit around! Bees love it. ~Debbie

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Thanks Debbie. :-)

Here, SGMC forms the "front wall" of a shaded area, a job it fills uncomplainingly. When I walk into that area, sometimes stray sprays brush my face or shoulders. And yes -- it's not the right rose for someone with a bee allergy.


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Wow, that looks so beautiful and healthy! It's great to hear about a rose that does well in the heat. My David Austins have blooms that are shrivelled like popcorn.

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After 4 years mine just isn't doing much; perhaps the ground-eating Sea Foam is too much competition. Now we are having this wonderful WET year perhaps SGMC will get going.
If I could get to it I might try moving it but it is guarded by Basye's Purple and Sea Foam. No way to get to it now!

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seil zone 6b MI

Gotta love a rose that can take the heat! Pretty one too!

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