I would never of thought a cat would like this?!

alana8ascAugust 12, 2012

I bought some alfalfa pellets for the first time the other day to try because I see all the posts sayin how great they are for the roses, and the were really cheap so decided to give it a try.Well I opened the bag and started putting it around my roses and was walking back to the bag to get more and my daughters kitten was in the bag munchin away! I never would have thought a cat would like alfalfa pellets, has anyone else experienced this? I had to keep telling all of the cats to leave it alone after the kitten started. They didn't however disturb any of my roses I put it around yesterday, just wouldn't stay out the bag! :)

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buford(7 NE GA)

Cats do eat greens, usually grass to then throw up hairballs. I wouldn't let her eat too much.

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Move the mulch and thrown in the pellets, then cover over....more than one way to fertilize our roses!

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catsrose(VA 6)

As Buford says, cats do eat greens, typically grass. You can now buy green kitty crunchy treats. I keep a patch of catmint (nepeta) for my cats. They munch that as well as just roll in it. It's a good companion plant for roses, too.

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I only wish my cat would eat my nepeta. But no--he prefers my favorite hakonechloa aureola as his hairball generator of choice.


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Campanula UK Z8

grief - i have hasd to spray various ornamental grasses (hakenochloa, millium, heliotrichon and panicum) to keep the cat and dogs from munching them to stubs (I use a nasty bitter but harmless alum spray). I even grow a few pots of oats and wheat 'catgrass' for them - but they prefer the good stuff.

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I guess ya'll are making it seem more understandable, I did hide the alfalfa under the mulch and they haven't bothered it yet, although the last time I put out bone meal I saw where something dug a little hole, didn't see who it was in action, but they obviously didn't find what they were looking for because it was only done to a couple of the roses :)

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