'Forest Ranch Pom-Pom'

jerijen(Zone 10)August 5, 2012

(aka, "Forest Ranch Purple Pom-Pom")

One of Sherri Berglund's foundlings, from Northern CA. It's color is a lot like that of 'Reine des Violettes,' but unlike RdV, this rose does not go chlorotic in my conditions.

It doesn't rust or mildew, either, which is impressive.

This beauty is a star in the Sacramento City Cemetery, and I hope it's one of the things they will sell at the October Seminar. (Not otherwise in commerce.)


Coastal Ventura County, SoCal

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Beautiful picture!!

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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

I checked out Jeri's pics of the bush in HMF. It's huge, so loaded and majestic.

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cemeteryrose(USDA 9/Sunset 14)

We do have at least one FRPP, a five-gallon, which we will sell in either the silent or live auction. Speaking of poiple, we also will have a large Pulich Children, which appears to be a Bourbon with wonderfully deep purple tones and very healthy growth here in Sacramento, and at least one Benny Lopez, which is more pink-purple. I'm working on the list of what we will have, and figuring out how we will sell them. The plan is to offer some roses for sale, others for silent auction (done during Saturday) and a few for live auction (done after dinner by Stephen Scanniello, which will be a lot of fun). Malcolm Manners has sent us some of his roses, too, so we will be able to offer some Bermuda roses and a few true musk roses, which are rarely seen for sale out here. Exciting!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

This looks like an "improved" version for my area of RdV, a rose I've wanted to grow but know would hate my garden. I hope that sooner or later this rose will become available from one of the on-line rose nurseries for those of us in the west who can't grow the real thing. Love Benny's color.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

I have good things to say about both Pulich Children (BOTTOM)

and Benny Lopez.

Another look at Forest Ranch Pom-Pom:

Pulich isn't in the ground here, yet, but it has recently been moved to a much larger container. It responded by putting on a TON of new growth, and setting a big crop of buds. I'm very impressed with its disease-resistance here at the coast. Not perfect, but very very good.

It's amazing how many really superb Found Roses are simply not available in commerce. Any event at the Sacramento City Cemetery or the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden offers an opportunity to obtain roses that are otherwise unobtainable.


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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Thanks for posting Jeri.

I got FRPP this past spring at Sacramento and it's starting to go chlorotic on me which is a big disappointment. Got to dose it with iron soon I guess. Old Town Novato is doing better.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

Diane, I am surprised. And also disappointed, because I thought if a rose COULD go chlorotic here, it would. And it has not.
Still, I think it's gotta be less-susceptible.

And now, I am afraid to mention that "Pulich Children" has likewise never showed a sign of chlorosis.

But what I think is even more impressive about these roses is that neither seems to mildew. And FRPP doesn't even rust. ("Pulich," in my climate, rusts on old leaves. I can live with that.)



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FRPP struggles here, too. It grows more robustly and is not as chlorotic as Reine des Violettes, but it does get somewhat chlorotic here. I have an alkaline sandy clay soil and moderate marine influence. This rose does get some PM. It was a little milder this year, but it was still noticeable. I have not grown it long enough to know if that is normal variation due to the weather conditions or if FRPP does better as it matures. Without looking it up to be sure, I think mine is 3 years old.

I agree that Old Town Novato is happier in my garden. If I were to choose between the two for a garden in my area, I would pick OTN.


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cemeteryrose(USDA 9/Sunset 14)

Even in Sacramento, FRPP does get yellowish leaves late in the season. I assume it's chlorosis, although there aren't the green veins that one sees on some multi-floras. Springtime and early summer, no problem. Since the rose is so vigorous and full of flower, and doesn't get rust (the bane of HPs in our climate), and very little PM, it has seemed to me to be a minor flaw.

Reine des Violettes does miserably for us.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Yes. As Anita says -- if it doesn't rust, and doesn't mildew, it is to me a minor miracle, in the world of HPs. And FRPP does not do either of those things.

It has not been troubled here by chlorosis, but that's such an easy fix that it wouldn't be a big deal if it did. (RdV, after all, had WHITE leaves part of the time -- it was THAT chlorotic, here.)

I have real hope, too, for "Pulich Children," which has very little rust here (so far) and almost no mildew. And that rich, deep purple color is pretty rare. (Beside that, I like its history.)


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Beautiful blooms, wonderful pics.

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