Best Lemon-scented rose

kr222(6b)August 25, 2008

When I bought my house there used to be a pink rose with a strong lemon fragrance. I thought it smelled like lemon Pledge. I would love another rose with some disease resistance that has a strong, lemony scent. Any suggestions?

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I can't recall an O.G.R. with a strong lemon scent, but...
One of the most fragrant modern roses, with a lemon scent is
"Lemon Spice" which is a Hybrid Tea that sells. On its' own roots it grows to be a shrubby plant of 5 and 1/2 feet tall.
Health: Our conditions favor Powdery Mildew in spring and Blackspot in the Autumn. In my freinds' garden "Lemon Spice" is one of the healthiest H.T.s, with no defoliation, when sprayed twice a year with Cornell spray (baking soday, water and canola oil) It is particularly floriferous for a Hybrid Tea and the flowers have a morsel of the grace of a true Tea rose, the bloom style of "Lemon Spice" is neither stiff nor artificial in appearance.
(much to my surprise, I seem to be advocating for a modern rose. hmm.)
Lemon Spice has given a pink sport named "Sunday Lemonade",that my freind also grows, it is strongly scented of lemon, with a hint of damask rose fragrance. or helpmefind might have a photo.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Lemon Spice is nicely lemony.

Golden Celebration and Abraham Darby are lemony to my nose. Disease resistance for you is probably not great, though.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

The Austin rose Emanuel smells very citrusy.


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Jubilee Celebration has a strong lemony scent to my nose, mixed with rose and pipe tobacco. Fairly disease resistant but some black spot on very old leaves.

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littlesmokie(Portland z8)

I know you've posted this on the antique roses forum, but to me most modern mauve/"purple" roses have a sweet lemony smell to them (i.e. Intrigue, Melody Parfumee, etc.)

I'm not sure whether the pink rose you mentioned was an OGR or an HT, but you could have a look at Perfume Delight which has a strong damask, but to me sometimes a lightly sweet lemony hit, or Tiffany which is very disease resistant and also has a noteworthy sweet fragrance.

I would love to find a rose that had more pure lemon to the fragrance. I've been interested in smelling Golden Zest, but have been hesitant as Jackson & Perkins has been known to exaggerate their fragrance descriptions. ;-)

FWIW-Maigold smells of orange and Jude the Obscure of grapefruit if you're interested in branching out in your fruits. :-)

(There are photos and info of all these roses at

Good luck! Dawn

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To my nose "Golden Zest" is as strong in fragrance as as "Lemon Spice"
"Lemon Spice" is strongly scented of lemon with allspice added, a more complex fragrance.
"Golden Zest" has a one-note scent of lemon zest. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars for strength of fragrance.

In my neighborhood they are equally healthy.

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littlesmokie(Portland z8)

Luxrosa, oohh, thank you for those detailed descriptions of Golden Zest and Lemon Spice. Yum! I'm a fragrance fanatic and now I'm quite interested in trying both of those. If they have reasonably good health here I'd be over the moon.

And not to lead anyone astray, for the record, I wouldn't describe any of the rose I mentioned as being anywhere near as "lemony" as the two Luxrosa described.


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Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll look into your suggestions. I don't think it'll be easy to decide.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

For Austins, Radio Times definitely has the lemony thing going on. For the moderns, Pope John Paul ll has a wonderful lemony scent and is proving itself to be a very good rose all around.

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Heritage. none better.

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Another hybrid tea (sorry!) that has a wonderful lemon scent (no spice, or anything else that I detect, just lemon) is Marco Polo. But as Luxrosa described Lemon Spice, this is not a stiff bloom - opens softly and fairly quickly into more of an old rose look. I can't comment on diseases; it is very healthy in our garden, but we have VERY little blackspot, and I have yet to see PM on a rose in our yard. However, we do have spider mites, and they have seemed uninterested in it.

Whatever you choose, good idea to look for one with a specific fragrance you love; I have let fragrance take a back seat in my selections, and then I wander past Marco Polo; I end up standing there huffing, excuse me, sniffing the thing until the petals suction to my nose. I'm gonna inhale a bee one of these days...

Best, Lara

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It sounds like it's worth the risk Lara!

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rosyjennifer(z 6/7 MD)

I grow Sunday Lemonade and it is very lemony to my nose. But the strongest citrus rose to my nose is Jude the Obscure which smells like pink grapefruit/tangerine more than lemon.

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