The Alnwick rose, thoughts?

boncrow66August 5, 2014

I just saw on Chamblees website that they now have queen of Sweden and the alnwick Rose. I already know I want QoS but I don't know much about the Alnwick rose. The blooms look gorgeous but I am wondering how long they last once they bloom and how big will it get in my zone? Also how would the two look together? I am so excited about both roses!

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I have both roses.
For me, the Alnwick is not as apricot as I had expected, more of a soft pink- very similar in color tone to QoS.
Alnwick is shorter- about 18"tall /wide. Queen is more upright and 3-4' tall, 18-24" wide.
They are both great on re bloom throughout the season, with Alnwick being a little faster.
Length of bloom time per--3-5 days each (? ) Can't say I have noticed exactly, so must be decent.
The Queen blooms last longer and has stronger stems, firmer petals for cutting. Alnwick is more fragrant, but both are nice.
If you like soft pinks, apricots, they would look just lovely together.
They are 2 of my favorites and are quite healthy and happy in my humid southeast heat.
Best, Adrianne

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Thanks Adrianne, they both sound like good roses although in the pictures I have seen of Alnwick it looks like a darker pink, I think the bloom in Alnwick is beautiful from what I've seen. Sounds like we have similar hot humid climates so also good to hear they both do well in that environment.

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Love love love Alnwick!! This is only my second yr with it but it's became one of my favorites. Mine though is almost 4 ft tall and about 21/2 -3 ft wide. Mine is a darker pink but fades lighter after a couple days. My QOS is lighter pink but gorgeous too. My QOS bush grows skinnier but I've seen others bushier. You will love love love Alnwick!!

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Boncrow, Alnwick does very well for us at Humpty Dumpty House in hot, dry, inland southern California. It was a rose I was warned would not do well here, but I observed it in a client's garden performing "well enough", even during our roasting summer, and it was so beautiful, I just had to try it. Luckily, it turned out to be one of our best roses, and it's my personal favorite. The color is a gorgeous, highly saturated powder pink that reminds me of thickly caked pink chalk, and it doesn't fade for us here in the hot sun. This rose does not continuously bloom here. Instead it alternates with flushes of blooms, and then no blooms -- I'd say about a week blooming and a week without blooms has been the pattern so far. The fragrance is strong, luscious raspberries. I LOVE this rose, and I think the rose knows it, because she is soooo pretty here. In fact, I'd say she's the epitome of the word "pretty".

A client also has Alnwick, and his is more elegant and beautiful than ours (this rose goes through transitions, and his stays as a deep cup longest, whereas ours transitions quickly to the shallow, frilly ballerina skirt phase), but his only performs okay, whereas ours performs very well. He also has the beautiful Queen of Sweden, which is a much paler, less saturated pink. Both roses hold their flowers high, like waterlilies.

Best of luck with your choice. If they perform well in your humidity, I don't think you'll go wrong with either one. Below is a picture of ours in the hot sun, complete with a little green meanie.


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Prettypetals and Jannike this rose sounds wonderful! Thanks for letting me know how well it is doing and how much you love love love it :). Jannike your pictures are beautiful and would enable anyone to this rose. QoS and Alnwick will for sure be in my garden next spring! I can't wait!! Prettypetals 3 loves for a rose is a winner in my book any day. :). Thanks!

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

My mom picked one up from RU this year. She loves the Austins and Alnwick and Queen of Sweden are the pinks that she likes the most. I enjoy the fragrance and shade of pink. I would go for Tamora, Ambridge Rose, or The Shepherdess if apricot tones are your desire. It's too early to speak on the long term health of the plant, but I have yet to notice any fungal problems in the months she's had it. I believe I posted this picture in my last photo thread, but it's probably the best I have of The Alnwick Rose.


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Boncrow you will def be glad you got her. I was looking back at pics and found some of Alnwick in her lighter stages. She's def a deeper pink during the summer and lighter in the spring around here. Here's a bouquet from spring with Alnwick more towards the back and Sweet Juliet I think in front.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Prettypetals and Arbutus, gorgeous roses!


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Arbutus and Prettypetals thanks for the pics of your Almwicks, just gorgeous! Prettypetals I can see why you love love love this rose :). I may need more than one so I can have stunning bouquets like yours.

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Lol!! Thanks y'all! I have three but plan on getting three more! Here's a handful I cut this morning.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I'm not quite as enthusiastic about the Alnwick as the other posters, though I have no complaints about this rose. I have two bushes about 6 years old and they're pretty infrequent bloomers. One is in part shade, but the other is in at least adequate sun, and neither blooms that often for me. To build an exquisite bouquet like prettypetals would take both bushes totally stripped and would only be possible once or twice a year at best. QOS or Spirit of Freedom or Scepter'd Isle are all more reliable bloomers among pink Austins for me.


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You're so right Cynthia, my first bouquet was stripped of all the blooms but not the buds and it was in my first flush that usually has lots more blooms to be able to make such a huge bouquet. I wanted to just show off how pretty Alnwick is. I cut about a dozen blooms from two bushes today. I cut practically everyday (some rose or hydrangea or dahlia) bc I'm at the end of a crazy beetle year and fixing to have a week of much needed rain so bringing in anything that's blooming on my roses and other babies. Not sure I have Spirit of Freedom so going to check that baby out!! Wooo hooo love checking out other roses!!

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It's one of my favorite Austins, with superb fragrance and good blooming. Mine repeat well. (I have three of them)

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Woo hoo! I can't wait to get a Alnwick! That bouquet is purty purty Prettypetals.

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Boncrow. The Alnwick rose does very well for me in Texas. I am 1 hour south of Dallas. She is fragrant and repeats about once a month. I would describe her as almost dirty pink with a tiny hint of salmon. I have two that are just beautiful. I bought them bareroot from David Austin about 4 years ago.

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Thanks shopshops, I am glad to hear it's doing well for you in our Texas heat. I am trying to decide where I want to place her so it's good to know how she blooms for you.

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Dear rose enablers:

I placed an order today with Chamblees for The Alnwick Rose.

Dirty pink sounds lovely on a cloudy day.

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Good for you mauvegirl! I am going to make a trip in the spring to Chamblees so I will call before I go and reserve mine:).

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You will be glad you did mauvegirl8!! Can't wait to see y'all pics of her!!!

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