Bloom pics from spring flush

Krista_5NYAugust 5, 2014

These pics are from earlier in the year.

Evelyn, a wonderful Austin with petal packed apricot blooms.

Marchesa Boccella

The Shepherdess

Reine Victoria

Young Lycidas and The Mayflower

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All of your roses look beautiful, I especially love your marchesa bocella, very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

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So feminine. You have nice taste in roses. The Shepherdess has been on my wish list for several years now.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

krista, I've always loved your roses. They're so romantic and perfectly lovely. Marchesa Bocella looks especially dreamy, with that true "old rose" look.


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hi, Krista,
You have some very lovely pink roses! I love cup shaped roses and enjoyed seeing your pictures. Evelyn is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing your garden pics. :) Gean

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Thank you, to all.

Sidos, The Shepherdess is a great rose, repeats well and looks lovely mixed with other types of roses.

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What a treat for the eyes on a hot day in August. Thanks for sharing! I have a young Evelyn- she's still in the pot ghetto so she didn't do much this year. Once I find a place to plant her, I hope she takes off.

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