old Cecile Brunner

jacqueline9CAAugust 23, 2014

We had an ancient huge self supporting Cecile Brunner bush in our garden, which finally succumbed to old age (90+ years) last year. I was able to root one cutting, and it had tip rooted a baby by itself, which is still in the garden. Below are two pictures of it, the second one where it is not blooming has my DH in the foreground for scale.

I have always wondered what kind it is. My Cl Cecile Brunner is MUCH bigger, but does not bloom nearly as much. My bush Cecile Brunners (including a very old one) are nowhere near this size. Folks have told me it does not look like Spray Cecile Brunner, but I have no idea what that really looks like.

Anyway, I have the small rooted cutting in a pot, and every time I go by it I look at it sideways to see if it is exploding yet. I think I will find out if the Sacramento Heritage Rose Garden or the SJHRG would like it, unless it is very common. Do those of you who grow the bush CB have ones that are this big?

Thanks -


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You can get a better idea of its size from this pic - that is all one bush.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

I suspect it's a bush form 'Mlle. Cecile Brunner' that has not been cut back, and is very old. I'm sorry you lost it, but at least you have its "children."

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I also have an old Cecile Brunner which I inherited with the house I purchased 10 years ago. It reached the 2nd story & beyond of my 100+ year old home before I gradually (over 4 years) reduced it to about 6 feet.It blooms from late June into Nov. It's a very rambunctious grower that would eat my small city lot if I allowed it, ergo I never feed or water it. After reading on this forum of the different forms of CB, I'm curious to know what mine is. Is the continuous blooming a defining trait? My neighbours say it has been in the garden at least 40 years & maybe a lot longer. No photos, I am technically inept. I live in coastal WA. Jane

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I always thought the bush Cecile Brunner was a dainty polyantha. Could this not be the spray form instead? Of course Perle d'Or can also grow very large so who knows?


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jerijen(Zone 10)

The spray form is pretty distinct, lifting its inflorescences above the balance of the plant.

I have seen old plants of the bush form of 'Mlle. Cecile Brunner' that were easily 8 ft. tall -- and those had not had regular access to water. It is the FLOWERS that are "dainty." Not the plant.

Here is a 'Perle d'Or' that has only been watered when there was rain, but is huge.

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I discussed this issue in an article I wrote about Iceberg and its parallels to Mlle. Cecile Brunner. Much of what pertains to Iceberg, pertains to Cecile. It's linked below. Spray Cecile Brunner produces definite "sprays" which I've attempted to illustrate in the photographs on the Spray Cecile Brunner rose page on Help Me Find. Look at my photos of Spray Cecile Brunner taken in Sharon VanEnoo's garden in Torrance, CA. They will show you the sprays and should help make it much easier to figure out what you have. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Poor Old Iceberg

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Thank you all so much! I guess the old bush was just very happy where it was. Its tip root baby is about 7 feet away, so hopefully it will be happy too.

Kim, I read your article on Iceberg - I have a climbing one going up an arch and then our house - it blooms constantly. I will look at it and appreciate it more now!


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