why do some posts not show?

Alana8aSCAugust 3, 2012

people have responded to some of my posts and one to two days later what they said is gone?! one person gave me their email if I needed more questions, I sent one then next day I have a email from someone obvously if you didn't know what to look for trying to hack a game that I play, my husband said someone must have gotton my email some how and thought I wouldn't know no better than to go on the website, then another who offered to send me a rose i sent a email back asking how we would do that and what she would need,that was yesterday, I look on forum today and the whole message they posted and the one I posted back was gone?! Does anyone else experience this or am I being took advantage of because I'm new to this rose forum?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

There are 67 pages of threads, 30 threads per page, sorted by date of the latest post to the thread. So, your post might now be on page 2 or 3, depending on how fast the forum is moving. Also, from the main "Antique Roses" forum page, scroll down and enter your user name in the "Search" box to help find posts you have started or replied to. I see two threads that you have started (other than this one), Will Portlands and HP survive in my climate? and Which noisette rose is better?. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Diane but I don't think your realizing what I'm sayin something just seems fishy and their there then not I don't know and then someone else will post behind them and theirs stays so what happened to the other posts and it not everyone 's that disapering just those two and both times something fishey happened sfter post disaperred it's just weird. all the regular people who have always been on this forum, theirs did not disapear. the only reson I half know who regular is even before I joined I always read what the garden forum said about particular roses I wanted just put the rose name in on browser and it would give me alot to read be it from here or daves garden

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and also whatever was posted before they talked to me was still there as well as what other people posted just what I said to them and their post was gone

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I did see a response was removed from the "Will Portlands and HP survive in my climate" thread. That particular one had ended with an emotional rant about Mitt Romney, Mormons and pedophile rings, or something like that. I wasn't surprised to see it yanked. From what I remember, there was a good bit of rose advice before that, though, so a better option would have been to just remove the rant and leave the pertinent information intact.

But that was the only thing I have seen, so far, involving your questions. I'm not sure what you are referring to with your email.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Oh, I think I understand now. People have responded to your thread, but some of the posts are now gone. I think the new webmasters periodically scan for trolls, or users they think are just logging in to post spam. Also, users can report posts as "offensive", and the webmasters delete those posts. There can also be technical glitches, those seem to happen more than usual lately.

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I've never seen posts selectively removed from threads. in all the years I've been on this forum. I have occasionally seen delays in them appearing. If there is a problem with a post, the entire thread is deleted. not just a post. It may be a technical requirement of the software on which this site is built.

Of course, I might not notice if this were happening. But that is how it has looked to me for the past 15 (or more) years.


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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

No, it does happen that specific posts are removed. The requirement exists, however, that it can't unduly influence the rest of the thread. Many times, inflammatory posts are followed by responding inflammatory posts. At that point, the best thing is to remove the thread.

I don't know why the post offering Blush Noisette was removed. A technical glitch sounds the most likely.

There is an option on Gardenweb to allow other users to send you email. If you don't want email, disable it. It is useful, though, if somebody wants to follow up a discussion that is drifting off topic, or start a only two-way conversation.

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I've seen posts selectively removed more than once. If you look at the thread in question--Will Portlands and HP survive in my climate--you can see that Alana is replying to someone who answered her question. That post was removed.

And it looks like more were as well because I've also noticed that when this happens, the response count doesn't reflect the removed posts, but still shows the total count as if the removed posts were still there. Right now there should be 29 answers to that question, and I only count 26, so a total of 3 posts were removed from that thread.

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Hmmm, I've never noticed this. But I do believe you both. I know you have been on this forum a very long time, so if you say you saw something, I know it's true.

Chalk it up to my sieve-like perception. I pick up some things with pinpoint sharpness. Others completely escape my notice.


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It did happen to me twice. One was a 2 word response to Kim. I had said, "Will do" at the end of a thread. Within less than 24 hours it was gone although the rest of the thread remained. Since it didn't seem that important, I let it go. The other was a new thread of mine that disappeared, reappeared and then disappeared again. It could still be found even then by laboriously going through every post I had ever made. As far as I know it never contained anything inflammatory. Again, not that important, just peculiar. But I write so that the OP knows that she is not alone.


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Thanks everyone for your replies , although I have no idea what mitt romney post bellegallica is talking about, that was never on my thread soo anyway Thanks and I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this, just thought it was weird.especially the email one and then someone tried to hack a game i played by emailing me a bogus site to go to talking about I was trying to sell a game account I play, when I wasn't and the funny thing was I didn't even play that game but like some games all games are linked thru one email say for example all soney online games are connected with same login and pw same goes for blizzard and stuff like that :) I just thought it was weird and too how do you say can't think of word but happened to close to around the same time.

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THATS WEIRD THE ONE post about the rose offering has returned other has not lol like you said tech glitch maybe?

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I sent the email from my email not thru here forgot to say that and I went to my profile and did the email thing thru here, thanks everyone for your comments I just think it will remain a mystery, no worries I got the one back I really cared about anyway, :) really would love to have that rose and when the post got missing had no idea how to get in touch with the person who said they had it, but it's showed back up so no worries. what the best way to do that anyhow do I send them my address thru a pm or what?

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Well, I know I didn't dream it. I wrote someone about it because it was so bizarre. Next time something like that happens I'll save a screen shot.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

All that said, you can buy Blush Noisette on your end of the country.
Angel Gardens in Florida offers it (see link) and I bet others do, too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Angel Gardens

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yeah, I'm sure you didn't dream it thats part of why it's so weird :) jerijen, thanks I know I can buy it their it was just offered for me to get and why spend the money if someone's nice enough to share, especially in this econimy.(spellimh wrong I know) Ounce my ownroot roses I have reach maturity I plan to share, mom gets first dibs of course :)

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seil zone 6b MI

I am so glad you posted this! I know I have read posts and threads that then just disappeared. I thought I was going crackers!

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NO Seil your not going crackers,that's why I posted this cause I know I didn't dream I read it and responded to it lol

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