2010F/2011S order

aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)August 27, 2010

Supposedly, I'm not going to order more roses after this (for a while. ha...)

(Are you ordering this season?)

Thanks for all the advice you guys, I really really appreciate you indulging all my questions.

final damage..........


Archduke Charles (for my big spot in the front)

Souvenir de la Malmaison

gruss an aachen

Bermuda's Kathleen (just to see ;) )


Elie Beauvilain (just to see ;) )

Larry Daniels (just to see ;) )

Gruss an Coburg

Mrs. Charles J. Bell

Baronne Edmond de Rothschild


sweet chariot 3 ( as a front bank rose)



Yves Piaget


Mon Cheri

And when RU gets the chance, I'm going to order these from them:

Tipsy Imperial Concubine

The Doctor

The Faun

Thanks to some suggestions from ya'll, you can see I'm trying a few older HTs, too. :) I'm going to do a HT bed on a narrow strip in the front yard by the driveway.

I'm going to pull out one lone wisteria vine and put Sombreuil there.

Mme Berard and Eden cl. will be on the non-existant arbor. I'm going to move the spot for the arbor out just a bit and put Grandmother's Hat behind the arbor.

I have a few more climber spots that some of the ones that I'm evaluating could potentially go in,... so we'll see.

Anyway, thanks again!

What are you guys ordering this season?

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Campanula UK Z8

your garden will certainly look lovely in a few years when all these roses reach maturity. Now you have the foundation of your collection, you will be able to explore the many combinations which will look good in your garden. Have fun.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Aimee, I have Archduke Charles, and it is quite small here in Tulsa, OK. I see that you are reserving a large space for it, so I went to HMF (I see that you are a member too) and the variety of this rose is huge.

My rose is the color of Blackcat girl who I think has posted here. Does the rose you are looking for grow much larger in your area? If it does, I want another one. For me small and sweet is a lot of trouble.

I hope to see pictures when you get them.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I went totally insane and ordered twelve roses:

Chamblees: Sophy's Rose, Carefree Beauty, Mrs. Dudley Cross, Belinda's Dream

Heirloom: The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild, Belinda's Dream (mistakenly ordered twice but I need good cut roses for the house and roses that love the heat)

Rogue Valle Roses: Mr. Bluebird, White Meidiland, Potter and Moore, Charles XII, Sophie's Perpetual (bonus rose), mystery rose


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

camp- I hope so!!

Sammy - I guess it can get to around 5-6 feet here, but not really more, so that's about right for the spot I have. I didn't want something that got 8-10 feet tall for that spot. :)

I can't wait to see your new roses in your garden, Ingrid! I can imagine the colors based on what you chose. I especially think Mrs. Dudley Cross is so pretty... so I'll live vicariously through your photos. :D

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I think I will end up with around 20 new ones - not that I have a space for them, but then again, I might not like some after all, also there are quite a few that will be moving to some other home.

I am getting:
Nur Mahal
Old Blush
Buff Beauty
Pink Cloud
Maid of Kent
Mari Robert
Queen Mab
Sophie's Perpetual

And few moderns, some of them still on maybe list:
Summer Song
Lady of Shalott
Savoy Hotel
Line Renaud
Comtesse Vandal
Whiter Shade of Pale
Clair Matin (very maybe)

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There are five roses (so far) in my Palatine cart:

Jeanne LaJoie
Savoy Hotel
Bride's Dream
Janet Carnochan

I can't resist...they are so beautiful, and I've read so many positive things about them. Like most everyone here, I have no room left in my garden, but there are always empty pots to be found! Oh well, off to get my credit card...


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I don't have a list as I still have roses sitting in my ghetto. I don't have a list as I still have roses sitting in my ghetto. I don't have a list as I still have roses sitting in my ghetto.

But if I cut down a half dead Japanese maple and move about six half dead rhododendrons then maybe there will be enough sun in that spot to plant some roses. Maybe I should order some roses in case all that happens. hmmm.

I think I'd like an area of apricot and cream roses. Will have to think about this.

ps, I planted Pomponella earlier this year. it's really a nice little rose. I hope you all like it. Gean

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Thanks for all of your help, suggestions, wisdom and plain old support. I am still anguishing over the 4 roses for my tiny deck space. Buying 10 or 20 would be relatively easier. Still in the running are some newer perpetual bloomers as well as some classics...
Julia Child, Janet Carnochan, Day Breaker, Koko Loco, Lasting Love, Moondance, Hot Cocoa, Sunset Celebration, and my list could go on and on. I want fragrance, lots of blooms for cut flowers and long vase life growing on a rose happy to live in a container.

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