Prairie Peace

lerosier3(7)August 11, 2012

My three year old plants are 5-6' tall and in bloom for the third time this year. It appears that I will have a rooted sucker next spring. It will not be for sale but I would be happy to trade it to someone in the US for a spinosissima or OGR that I need.

Prairie Peace is totally healthy in our garden. Its color is best in cooler climates like the Pacific Northwest.

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We would like a Praire Peace....but we do not know what you would like in trade of your PP.


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Could you post again that list of roses you are searching for? I'm sure many of us would be happy to exchange for a Prairie Peace if we have something that is on your want-list!

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The pimpinellifoliae I have can be found at this site. Click on garden, then click on plants grown.
I need any pimpinellifoliae not on the list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Listing

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There's an Italian gardener who posts here who said she had luck rooting Harison's Yellow by putting the cuttings straight in the ground in the fall. Worth a try.
I have rosa xanthina, but I bet you have it.

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I was just looking at the leaves and stems of PP on Helpmefind. It didn't look so woody and thorny like harison's Yellow. HY just rots away in the baggie. Have you tried rooting it?

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Harison's Yellow couldn't be THAT difficult to propagate. It has been found across the country along the Oregon and Mormon Trails where settlers planted it when they stopped, as well as where they settled. I would think simply sticking it into the ground in late fall to early winter would result in good results. That should have been when the wagon trains stopped for the winter. Kim

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You can certainly find HY throughout the west but it was not propagated with cuttings but with suckers that people dug up and brought with them. I haven't found any of the Foetida hybrids that are easy to propagate. I will try to propagate HY again but will use the tip layering method that seems promising.

Does anyone have Doubloons?

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Vintage gardens has Doubloons, but it is only available by custom root this year, I think.
HY suckers all over. I own ten, I think.
Maybe Vintage Gardens would want to work with you on some PP for spinosissima. Can't hurt to ask.

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