How large is Souvenir de Pierre Notting?

humble5August 6, 2014

I'd like to replace 5 Gold Medals that I have behind my pool with a yellow tea and I think SDPN could be perfect for that spot. How wide and how tall will SDPN be?

Btw all the ogr's you guys have recommended have been beautiful and carefree, especially the teas, they seem to love Houston.


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Mine was new as a one gallon plant this spring, so I'm not any help on mature size. It is growing slowly and is the smallest of my new teas, at only about 1 ft x 1 ft currently. Nonetheless, it blooms constantly, with anywhere from 1/2 dozen to a dozen blooms on it at any given time. Seems to love my heat/humidity here...blooms last for quite awhile without frying when a lot of my other roses blooms are frying within a couple of days. Other teas I added in the yellow range this year are Rosette Delizy, Perle des Jardins and Mademoiselle Franziska Krüger. I'm very pleased with all of them so far...all have been blooming regularly and all have been very heat tolerant. Right now, RD is the largest, followed by PdJ, MFK and then SdPN. SdPN, MFK and RD all age to pink, but PdJ retains its yellow coloring to the end. SdPN and MFK tend to get proliferated centers as they age. PdJ has a terrible reputation for balling, but even in my humidity and frequent rain, it hasn't had any problem with that yet. SdPN and MFK seem to be the least fragrant, but I may not be smelling them at the most opportune times...they are still so small, I have to get on the ground to take a whiff, so not sniffing them as often as my taller ones. That's about all I have to offer with my short growing experience...hopefully, some that have had the rose longer will chime in soon.





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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Pat, your roses are gorgeous, and this is the middle of summer! Hats off to you for being able to grow MFK well; she's a prima donna. I've never seen Perle des Jardins in that pinky color, mine was always more yellow (the few times it consented to bloom). So was my SdPN, come to think of it. I wonder if your humidity has something to do with it. No matter the color, they're all gorgeous and glowing.


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Wow! I love them all. MFK and SdPN look very much alike. I'm surprised no one has commented on SdPN's full size. Perle des jardins is such a beauty I'm putting it on my short list.

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I have an SdPN that is 7 years old and roughly 6' x 6'. However, I don't consider it "mature" since it was moved to the spot it now occupies 4 or 5 years ago, which set it back a little, and it is clearly going to get larger. Somewhere I read that it does want to be tall.

SdPN can get quite pink. Below is a photo of a bloom during one of our "Death Valley" spells here last summer (104 degrees that day, the 4th of July, but it had been over 100 every day for a week before and practically zero humidity). But I've also got a photo from the following month of a flower that is quite yellow -- perhaps one from a shadier part of the bush. Spring blooms are yellow, so I've always assumed it was the heat or intensity of the sun.

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I'm sold on SdPN. Those pictures are beautiful! Thanks for helping me out. :)


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Ours are definitely less vigorous than some teas, but will build slowly. I'd say 4' tall by 5' wide here, eventually. We do prune some, in the spring, so they might get bigger with no pruning at all.

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Yvette, SdPN and MFK do look almost identical to me. When IâÂÂm taking pictures, I have to include a background shot of each so IâÂÂll know which is which when I download. Both can be quite pink at times, as Catspa noted, and quite yellow at times. More often, they are somewhere in between for me.
Ingrid, I barely notice the pinky peach tones on PdJ in person, but looking back at all my pictures, theyâÂÂre in almost every one. IâÂÂve drooled over the climbing version of this rose at a nearby nursery for quite a while and finally broke down and got the bush form this spring. IâÂÂm really, really loving it so far. IâÂÂm sorry to hear yours wasnâÂÂt a good bloomer and that MFK was a dud for you. IâÂÂve read that MFK is finicky about climate, but must like my humid heat or clay soil or combo.

Here are a couple of shots of SdPN I took last night. Seems to be in a bit of a pink mood:

And here are a couple of PdJ from last nightâ¦looking a beautiful buff yellow to me, but a bit pinky peach to my camera ïÂÂ

And one of a PdJ bud opening up in mid July that almost has Peace coloringâ¦

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