A few specific lasagna garden questions.

jason200February 19, 2006

I have a copy of the lasagna gardening book on the way and have read up on it, but had a couple of questions about it as it relates to my situation. Has anyone tried using this method to landscape their yard? I see alot of reference to vegetables planted in a square or triangular plot, but what about landscaping? Should this method only be used in an area thats a blank slate? I'd like to landscape along my back fence and I have a relatively small tree and a bush back there. I'm guessing its not advisable to pile up 2 feet of material around them, but can it be done without killing either? Another question I have is landscaping around the back of my house. I have an air conditioner back there and was wondering how I should build up around it. It sits on a concrete slab and thought I could raise the unit up or just put some wood or some sort of screen around it so its not buried. I would just try tilling there but its a small, tight area and I did some digging last year (I've had my house about a year) and found that I have heavy clay soil. My last question for now, is there anything that WON'T plant well using this method? Vegetables and flowers will work well, what about bulbs or even hedges planted along a fence? Would they need to be planted in soil? Forgive the questions if they're pretty basic. I'm new at this and have never done any planting before. Thanks.


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Ive never tried lasangna gardening, but so far as piling material around the small tree- i have a rose of sharon in a corner where I garden. It literally sprang up out of nowhere. I hate it and tried to chop it down, but i got lazy, and so I piled around it. Much to my dismay, it's still alive. So I dont think you'll kill your tree, either. As for the bush, i'm not so sure.

The only thing that I would consider with lasagna gardening is the drainage. I once asked my ladscaper if I could just layer 2-3 feet of soil on top of my grass, and he told me that the drainage would become an issue unless I ripped out the grass... and then at that point, you might as well just plant normally.

Things like carrots might have a problem if the material isn't deep enough. I tried carrots in a 2 ft deep container, and they were still pathetic little things.

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