stabilized adobe for bed sides

bbbuddy(n az soon)February 23, 2006

Hello, I am starting a good sized vegetable garden this year, it will be about 80x150, and since I am in my late 50's, want to plan it to be easy in the years to come.

I have concluded that raised beds are the way to go. Was pricing out the various options, and didn't like what it all added up to. So I was planning on using the soil, mixed with cement (soil cement) to make the bed walls, just using simple formwork. Even then, the cement was out of sight!

So now I have had a better idea! Will make the interior of the walls out of plain soil (we have a clay/sand mix, wait a few days for it to dry a bit, then go back with 4 inch wider/2 inch higher forms and fill in the sides and top with the stabilized soil cement. This will cut by 2/3 the amount of cement I will have to buy. The walls are planned to be 12 inches tall, and 12 inches wide.

Just thought I would share this on the forum. Maybe someone else has done this?

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never tried the exact method, but I do think you're smart to think about ease of access in the future.

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There's a gardenweb forum for Hypertufa, which is described as a mixture of sand, cement, & peat moss used to make garden containers & structures.

That oughtta help!

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