Sodbusting! / Looking for weeding tool

wsos_girl(7A NW GA)March 29, 2002

Just checking out this new forum. I have rheumatoid arthritis, but I love gardening! Does anyone have any ideas or tips for breaking new ground for flower beds? I can do a lot, but have a hard time digging out the grass. Someday I'll try some raised beds, but right now I'm trying to work with the existing landscaping.

Has anyone seen a weeder-on-a-stick? It's a long handle with a sharp triangular shaped implement at the end and there's a place to put your foot to shove it into the ground like you do with a shovel. I would love to get one of these for popping out weeds!

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Have you tried just spraying round up and adding soil or mulch for a time being. I'd be impatient waiting for the grass to break down. That's why I always composted where I wanted my next garden. I have that weeder on a stick. When I pull it out
everyone wants to try it. It wears out and always have left over dandelions.

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Maigan(z6b MD)

the best way I've found to get rid of grass before digging is to lay down a piece of tarp the size you want the garden area to be and laying on top of it a piece of plywood or something else heavy. it works fairly fast in killing the grass. you could spray the area as suggested above and do that tarp as well. it should work really fast that way :)

good luck


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taba(z5b MO)

When I am in a hurry to remove grass/weeds in a limited area, I use a potato fork to loosen big chunks, then a shovel to pull out the loosened chunks. I can't use a shovel well without first loosening the soil. The potato fork works well IMHO because the sharp tines go in fairly easily, and you use your weight to pry the ground up. You do lose soil, tho, and will need to replace some.

If I have more time, I either spray with roundup (but sometimes takes several applications) or cover with black tarp. Sometimes I do both at once. I still end up digging up the top layer of grass and weeds, tho.

I have also looked at that weed grabber thingy. Haven't tried it yet. I do use the garden claw and was surprised at how handy it is. It's great for loosening, aerating, weeding, and mixing stuff into the soil. I use the tall version but it also comes in a hand-held size. It will break thru fairly light grass, but not thick sod.

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lodinana(z9 Ca)

I to have arthritis and the notill garden is for you.
Check on the soil forum and faq and read about Lasagne Gardening.
I took newspaper and cardboard and built my flower beds. I have done 5 like this and it is great. You put newspaper or cardboard right over your lawn or other areas that you want to put a flowerbed.

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wsos_girl(7A NW GA)

Thank you for all of the replies! I can't wait to get started.

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