spike(6a)March 15, 2002

Well, I hope this proves as popular as anticipated! ;-)

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lodinana(z9 Ca)

Hi Spike,
Is this forum for people with disabilities like me?? If so this is great. Since finding The Garden Webb I have increased my gardening by 50%. The no-till garden is truly a wonderful thing for me. I have learned so much here.
Thank You

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Yes, welcome, indeed!
I hope to discover new ways of digging holes,
yet with the drought in the NE, I can't see planting things.
Mature trees have died on me.

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I am a wheelchair gardener and I LOVE GARDENING!!!!!!!! I am slowly loosing my strength so it is always a challenge to find new and easier ways to garden.

Thanks Spike for adding this new forum for us :-)

I am going to announce this new forum to two Listservs that have people on them with limited mobilities!!

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Claire_from_Michigan(z5 MI)

I think this is a wonderful forum! I have bad knees and I find it very difficult to garden, but I love flowers so much. I do my best. This will be a wonderful place to get new ideas.

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Maigan(z6b MD)


I too am an avid gardener AND a paraplegic. I am so glad to see this added to the webpage. :)

I have been container gardening for years. it's a great way to have anything growing and now have to get out of my chair to dig holes and slide through the dirt. (which I still do just not as much anymore)

thanks for adding this ;)


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taba(z5b MO)

Glad to see this forum! I hope it will include general ergonomics and support for people with all types and levels of physical limitations.

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Deb_NJ(z7 NJ)

Very happy to see the addition of this new forum. My husband has to use a wheelchair now as a result of the polio he had as a child, so I will be checking in here on a regular basis for ways that I can involve him more actively in the garden he loves. Thank you, Deb

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Thanks for this forum. I am e-mailing the link to my Mother right away.


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Thank you, Spike!! You do the nicest things for us.


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Thanks Spike!!!!! This is terrific and will prove so helpful to many people.


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Zinnia(z6 OH)

Thanks again Spike. I had a very busy weekend and didn't check the forums until today--pleasantly surprised! Looking forward to hearing how others like myself in a wheelchair continue to garden.

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oldherb(z8 Oregon)

Spike, Thank you for this site. As with all of the forums I am excited to see this grow and turn into another wonderful resource for all of us.

I am forwarding news of this new forum to a local non-profit here in my area that uses gardening as therapy. I am sure they will be pleased. Thanks again.

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This is really a wonderful forum to have. In the past 5 years I have had spinal fusion, bi-lateral foot reconstruction (fusion and 5 screws), and in December a brand new right knee. With all this repair work, I will be better able to get back into my garden again...but I know I will have limitations that I did not have before.

A year or so ago the magazine Garden Gate had an article on ergonomic tools. It might be possible to look up this article through their web site.
Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.gardengatemagazine.com/

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Hi all!


As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years I've seen the wonders that building simple box gardens at wheelchair height can do. I helped design and build some of these at a convalescent hospital near Santa Barbara about 20 years ago. All the patients loved them because they could reach them and they could control that little piece of the earth in a way that they couldn't control their own bodies. It gave them a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

This is an important forum not just for the disabled but yearning gardener hobbyist. It is a remedy for those who are depressed because of the loss of control over other aspects of their lives.

As a side note, I already have several links for accessable gardening tools on my website. Go to the Gardens are my passion page then to the Personalities on the garden club members and you'll find several websites on this subject that I've had up for years. As I find more I will continue to archive useful links on Accessable Gardening.


Here is a link that might be useful: Husband Bob's Adventures

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Hi Spike, I never got around to saying thank you for adding this forum. Thank you so much.

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Thank you Spike and Zinnia for writing to me. I hope my letter helped to get this forum started. I am certain it will be a great help to very many people. By the way someone just posted about where to get tools. I believe Gardenscape is a sponsor of GardenWeb and they have a very large selection of "Enabling Tools" They are located on Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario. Their phone number is 4l6-698-5339 or 1-888-472-3266. They also have a website
www.gardenscape.ca. If you call them they will send you a catalogue. I don't live in Toronto and I have dealt with them and they are the nicest people to deal with. I have purchased several things from them and have been very satisfied, they carry quality merchandise. I had a small problem with one of my tools and there was no hassle in returning it. They refunded all my money. I hightly recommend them.
Thank you again for all the work you put into getting this forum finally started.

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Spike..........Thank you indeed! Folks with opportunities to rise above difficulties may find hope and leadership in a book titled: The No Work Garden Book, Ruth Stout. Possibly out of print. I have seen it sold on eBay. Any edition is fine for pleasure use and application of Ruth's methods. She was something like 70 when she started gardening. Then she wrote the most popular book. Need I say more?

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