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proper_gait(8b)March 5, 2006

Hello all! Does anyone know a good source for those thick legged black rubber/plastic type tables that places like W-mart showcase their plants on? I need something that is for outdoor use and durable.I have tons of potted plants that need to be outside for the summer and these seem perfect.When I do searches all I get are the expensive or decorative tables.Any clues??

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devidigs(6-7.East TN)

Hi proper gait,

I have some brain issues as well as physical, so my typing can get a lttle squirrely. Though I thnk you'll get the message!

Those black shelving/tables that nurseries use are a variation of the plastic shelving units that most stores seem to sell now. Think about the four or five shelf units that you put together yourself. They have four round legs that you work into the hole on each corner of each shelf, then you stack them...Some of them are built to hold extra weight.You know, the box says, "each shelf holds 60 pounds", or something like that. 

THis is what I have used from time to time for 'tables' which are close to a good height. You can also put more plants or store things on the lower shelf. Various shelf units have longer or shorter legs, so be aware of which of the leg lengths will accomodate your desires for height.AND, if you wish they can be dismantled and stored away when not in use. 

I just take one five shelf unit and make it into two parts. One has three shelves.The other has two. Then I have two tables. I live in a small space or I would add more of these. This works now for me... 

They are perfect for using for many things. And, when using them in an outdoor setting, they are easy to keep clean with a quick hosing off.I'll be using them this year to start the plants' seeds by wrappingcovering them with plastic sheeting. and then turn the shelf/tables into the gardening area. They are stable and hold weight very well! and there are different kinds/some have holes in the shelf.some have solid shelves. The solid shelves make it easier/smoother to slide plants and things around on the shelf.   

AND if you get more than one of the Five shelf units, you can configure the extra shelves and legs from each of those into more tables. 

I hope this helps to give you ideas you can personalize for your own use. 

OR call a local nursery/greenhouse and see what they use. 

(like: davy/gravy)
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