Hip Replacement - Dreaming of Gardening!

sheilaschnauzies(Z5 Eastern Nebraska)March 28, 2011

I am so excited to be the one-week owner of a brand-new hip! Unfortunately we weren't able to do the surgery earlier in winter as I'd hoped, so here I am wanting to get started on the gardening season and can't leave the house yet! ARGH. Anyway it's all good, I have seed catalogs to drool over and I can see my birdies out the window and tulips popping up in their little beds out front, so I have something to enjoy while I heal... Really just wondering if anybody else is recovering from surgery or in a similar situation. If you are, please say hello!!

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rosiew(8 GA)

Get out your dancing shoes as well as your garden clogs. We wish you a swift recovery!


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Hello sheilaschnauzies

I'm not recovering from surgery. I am in same situation, so I'm saying HeLLO!!! AND BOY, I know... I know.... it's tough, huh? Gardening mags are great


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HI. Hang in.

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I had a hip replacement several years ago and find that there can be improvement in motion and ability to garden for several years afterward, so don't get too impatient too soon. Things will gradually get better and better.

Right now I am actually having more difficulty with allergies, which seem to have assisted a mild flu to develop....


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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

First off.... don't overdo and get healed 100%. Do all the range of motion exercises required. Then if you can not do it one way later..... find a way to adapt the job so you can.

I can not squat or bend over so I use poles, cane, buckets/stools of differing heights to help me get up and down. I use a waterproof mat and cushioning to get right down on ground and stay down. You will find a way if you are determined enough to do so.

Prayers for a best of the best recovery and movement ability to you.

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