sit while you weed/work?

Fireraven9(z5ManzanitaMtNM)March 15, 2002

Do you like to sit while you work? I had a fall some time ago and sometimes I cannot stand for long without a lot of pain. Anyone have chores that they do sitting down? We have raised beds ... but they are low "raised beds" and were set up more for conserving water and keeping out weeds than to save the aching back. I can sit on the edge of the bed and work and weed some ... when we build the cold-frames I will have to bring a low seat out there. Just wondering how others deal with all that.


Come my spade. There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's profession. - Shakespeare, Hamlet V,i

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Hello. I have raised beds also to help me with gardening. I have post polio syndrome which has affected all areas of my body(muscle, strength and endurance). On a good day, I can do some gardening for about a half hour straight. So I really need some aids. My beds are low - 12 inches high by 8' by 4'. From experience, I'm ( husband) making two new ones this year - higher and by 12' by 3'. I find it extremely difficult (reaching the middle of the bed) with the 4' wide beds. I have alittle garden stool on wheels that I sit on and scoot along the bed. I mulch to retain moisture and keep the weeds down. I also use drip irrigation to water because raised beds dry out so fast and on a "bad" day I cannot get out to water. Also, drip irrigation uses less water. My favorite tool is a mini hoe/rake that is hand held with a telescoping handle to reach into the middle of the beds.

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taba(z5b MO)

Fireraven - I don't like it, but I do sit in order to make some tasks easier. I keep a 5 gal bucket near each flowerbed and the garden to use as a seat. Not very stylish, but gotta do something with the bucket after you eat all that popcorn! I may try a rolling scooter this year.

My raised beds are only as wide as a standard door (36 or so inches) in order to use old glass storm doors as early spring covers. So the beds aren't too wide to reach at least half across while seated. I weed, pick, and do some planting while seated.

Telescoping tools like Verleen mentioned do help when working seated or standing near raised beds. I saw one telescoping rake at Home Depot a few days ago, so you may find local sources. Also try ergonomic hand tools - correct alignment makes a huge difference in how long I can keep going. Standard tools are ergonomic nightmares. Fiskars makes some inexpensive, lightweight versions.

Verleen - Sounds like you have some good tools and techniques. I agree that 4' beds are hard to work across. Glad your hubbie is able to help re-do them. As I mentioned, we chose to make the beds the size of storm doors for a cheap greenhouse. In spring, we add a wooden rectangular frame of 2x4's on top of the bed frame, then lay the doors down.

We also mulch the entire garden with newspaper to keep weeds out, water in, and make it easier to walk without tripping or losing balance.

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I have a exercize pad that I couldn't do without. I sit on it when I weed.. plant & anything I can. I can't get on my knees or bend over long. I have lots of flowers to plant & hope I can do it all. I will be putting lots in pots that will help..

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The width of the bed does affect how easily you can work in it. A four foot wide bed would be OK if you could reach it from both sides. I am going to find a little bench or footstool so I can just move it where I want it. That will help and will be less difficult than sitting on the edge of the garden bed. Eventually we will be moving the garden and I will design a more accessible group of beds.

Come my spade. There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's profession. - Shakespeare, Hamlet V,i

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I use a handy little tough tool box designed as a stepping stool that also has a lid that you can store your tool in. Got it at home depot for 14 or 16 bucks.
I use it to sit on when weeding and detailing out my succulent / perennial border beds.
When I hand weed the gravel sitting area I usually sit directly on the ground with a piece of styrofoam under my butt. - now I know why it is called the sitting area .

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Styrofoam would work too but I would have to stay "planted" for a bit and work in one spot a while. I can get up and down from a ground sitting position ... but the number of times I can do it is limited and depends on what chores I have done prior and if the weather systems have made the joints stiff.

Come my spade. There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's profession. - Shakespeare, Hamlet V,i

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mmcc(Maryland - z7)

I use a five gallon bucket with a semi soft/slightly padded seat/lid (bought it at Lowes). I got one of those canvas tool holders that goes around the bucket and it lets me keep tools where I can reach them. Can carry the whole thing with me on my scooter and it is halfway comfortable.

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If I really want to get down on the ground I used my old sofa cushion from a LONG time ago. It's about 7 inches thick & solid. I use a lightweight cheapo plastic lawnchair to steady myself as I go down and up. I am very comfy on my thick thick cushion. I can also keep the handtools on the chair as I move from place to place.


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I have to sit to do almost any type of gardening. I usually just use an old piece of carpet, but have a feeling I am going to have a very hard time getting up off the ground. I quit smoking 2 years ago and as a result I have gained LOTS of weight. I have not done much with my beds the last two years due to working and they are pretty much overgrown jungles of weeds with some perenniels still trying to grow. I am retiring in June and promise to work at least 30-60 minutes a day weeding and caring for my flower beds.

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Miztiki(9a TX)

I have a bad back and just can't be on my feet very long! I do everything sitting down. I just park my butt right on the ground and scoot along. I even hoe and rake and shovel while sitting! All of my jeans are dirty, but hey, it works for me.

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Heck I'll go you one better, I actually LIE DOWN for a lot of my garden tasks! Especially weeding (see other post) - that is a bear for me. I'll start one bending over, which I'm not supposed to do; then I'll go down on one knee, and when that gives out I just flop over on my side on the ground and keep pulling. I also water my gardens with the hose while seated on a garden bench I painted last year. That works really nice.

I have a little garden seat on wheels and that is quite handy - also have the reversible sitting/padded kneeling bench seat mentioned above.

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I am putting in a new garden this year and planning for the possibility that eventually either I or my wife may find ourselves confined to a wheelchair. I have been building 2' tall boxes 3' across with 4' of paved pathway along at least one side of each box to allow for a wheelchair in the future (and plenty of room for a garden cart in the present). I am also making arrangements for weep irrigation (tyvek tubing) and permanent trellises. If we get to the point where neither of us can reach the trellises we will simply plant lower-growing produce.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden pics

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I can't see the pictures.Is it my computer pr the link ?
Thanks, Heidi S~

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Miztiki(9a TX)

I couldn't pull the pics up either

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Would like to see your pictures, Bill, if you can post a link that works...

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i too have found that the 3-5 gallon garden bucket caddy and garden bucket seat has been a blessing. i can keep everything together [tools, seeds, phone, drink, etc]and it's not too heavy. i can do my containers, my raised beds, my regular beds, etc etc.... cost less than $20 has been well worth it.

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Hi-My name is dirtcrawler because I have a spinal cord injury that incompletely paralyzes me-so I can walk-and do use a wheelchair also-but do my gardening by dirtcrawling-scooting along on the seat God gave me-my butt. I have only two raised beds for veggies-they are 8'x4' and I can get to them from all sides. I do almost ALL my gardening except watering and maybe some pruning right on the ground-I pull the wheelchair behind me-loaded with tools-a 5 gallon bucket hangs on the back to haul compost or what have you-collect weeds in it-or whatever. Oh do I get dirty-but I can edge, rake, weed, divide and etc from the ground-no cushions-too much trouble to haul around for me. Some of the handtools I have have longer handles to really reach in-my largest perennial bed is about 20' long and maybe 8' wide-mulching requires help-but it keeps the weeds down-i can get into the beds in early to mid spring before plants fill in-to weed-things are planted nice and tight to keep any room for weeds to a minumum-use a rake to pull tall plants to me that need deadheading-I just let the dead stuff fall to decompose-hmmmmmmm

one should never give up anything to a disability or aging that they absolutely don't have to and if the desire is there-we can be pretty ingenius about figuring out how to do it-I have!

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daisiensam(z4 ont)

This forum has been a real ecouragement. I use an old cushion, I sit on it, kneel on it and a couple of times have laid on my side on it. I just cannot imagine not being able to garden. Sometimes I garden for awhile and force myself to come in a lay down for 10 or 15 minutes. I would not mind if I could not vacuum clean or wash floors, but I must garden lol God bless you girls.

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I find getting down to a kneeling or sitting position to garden is extremely painful for me. So, mostly I'm gardening in pots these days.

I must say, I miss having pretty flower beds, but with the heat in the south, it's really better for some of us to limit the landscaping to islands of green trees, palms, bushes, and such. Various shades of green, textures, and form, make it a nice soothing place to be, with mulching to keep down the weeds. I have taken 2 large beds and made them more free-form, reintroducing native woodland plants, ferns, and such, to further reduce the work. Those areas can be thinned out every couple of years, and the undergrowth of ferns keeps it looking like a woodland garden.

I do have some yard areas that I may be converting to a mixture of potted trees and plants and some seating and hard surface areas incorporated. I can sit and garden in pots, have few to no weeds in them, and watering from a comfy chair really causes much less pain that bending, stooping, kneeling, or even lying on the ground. Hey, works for me. Besides, my SO does not have much interest in yardwork or gardening, so asking for any assistance with creation of raised beds is out of the question. He's a good guy, tho, don't mis-interpret that one.

I stopped by this forum for ideas, and have been blessed not only with that, but with the inspiration of some really enthusiastic gardeners here. Thank you all!

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

I, too, garden 'by the seat of my pants'! What I did was buy a pair of waterproof overalls - like the ones road crews/construction workers wear on rainy days. They allow me to sit on the ground without getting wet or dirty (the overalls sure get dirty - but they can be easily hosed off...) I have been working in the garden since early April - and we've had a very cold, wet spring here in southern Ontario, Canada. Long underwear keeps me warm until the ground warms up. I do kneel on the ground too at times and have a pair of pants with built-in knee pads - they work a whole lot better than a kneeling stool or pad that you have to drag around with you or strap-on pads which always come loose after a while as the elastic stretches... I think my neighbours think I'm a bit of an eccentric but it takes more than a disability to keep me out of my garden!

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Hi,cburg what is this garden/bucket/seat thing you mention?We have HDhere,Canadian tire walmart & Costco but I find the staff in the Garden sections not too good Can I find it online?I use Industrial knee pads plus cushion if on concreteI just have to get outside the house sends me nuts.I told DH(of 51 yrs)it,s not fair that he gets to do all the outside& me the inside so now we split the cooking & household chores Tg. ;) :) This is a cool Forum everybody so helpful-upbeat.

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I can't sit to garden if it means that I have to bend over. I have a bad hip and it won't let me do that. My spine doesn't co-operate either. I have used the lie-down method for quite a while now. So nice to see that others do it also. I have one of those kneelers that has handles in which to pull myself up with. I love it except the rubber kneeler part is really hard, so I put a sponge-like kneeler on top of it. It helps. I also have knee pads that I use, but then have a problem getting up. Going to try the bucket. hahah
I agree, that I would'nt cry too long if I couldn't any longer do housework, but I will shoot myself when/if I can no longer garden. What else is there but creating our beautiful gardens, anyway???

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PookasCrayon(z8 DFW-TX)

Bending and kneeling ... forget it. I've got a high risk of gangrene, and kneeling is not something either arthritic knees or endangered feet really like. I sit, usually on collapsed boxes, and I've found that I really enjoy it.

It doesn't seem to disturb the wildlife as much, I'm right THERE with the grass and soil and plants, and the contact just seems a little more intense that way.

Getting up and down is sometimes a problem -- back up more than down -- but I do have kids that will help by handing me things.

Amused one of my old friends just to pieces. He came over one evening after I'd been outside all day and was literally covered with dirt smudges. He said he hadn't seen me smile that much in years.

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What great ideas! Thanks for asking, Fireraven. I used to use metal milk crates to sit on (very uncomfortable) but have just recently found a step stool at Lowe's that is just perfect for me. I lost my left leg to cancer and, as I am a major clutz, have opted to use crutches rather than an artificial leg. This stool is light weight and easy for me to carry. Getting up and down from it is easy, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Pond Garden

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julieyankfan(z9FL Pasco Cty.)

Talk about inspiration! I hurt both my wrists at work 4 years ago and have had 4 surgeries on them. Two months ago I had 3 discs taken out of my back. I miss gardening. My husband helps, but he's not the meticulous nut that I am when it comes to weeding and deadheading. Products like Preen that worked great up north have no effect on weeds here in Florida. Every day is a battle of the bugs and weeds.

Thanks cburg for the handhelpers website. I see a lot of things I could use. I do have the PETA garden tools and they are great! I also use the garden seat/kneeler. When the doctor gives me the go-ahead, I'll be back gardening. The lie-down method is a little risky here. You never know what the heck is crawling by you! Thanks for all the helpful hints!

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debbie_sw_ok(z7 OK)

I have raised beds so I sit on the edge of those as I weed. For the older beds I have yet to convert to raised, I use a kneeler that I bought from Gardener's Supply.
I absolutely love it.
I can use it by kneeling on my knees on a cushioned pad & then using the support bars to raise myself from the kneeling position. Or I can flip it over, the support bars then become legs & I can sit on the flip side of the kneeling pad.
When kneeling I do use one of those padded knee cushions you buy separately as the kneeler is not as padded as I would like for my knees. I don't have that problem when sitting, that body part is well padded. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Kneeler

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CherylCinVA(z7a VA)

I have something very similar to the garden kneeler that Debbie mentioned. If you have trouble getting up, it's great. But a lot of the time I just sit on the ground. I have two pairs of old jeans reserved just for gardening, so it doesn't really matter how dirty they get.

I've found that the most helpful thing is to change positions and jobs frequently. Weed for 15 minutes, then go deadhead the roses. Go back to weeding then walk around making notes about which daylilies to move where. Spend another 15 minutes weeding, then rake the mulch where I just weeded. If I don't do that, I get so stiff I can barely move.

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Hi All!
So nice to find this forum. I have knee, wrist, back -oh what the heck all the joints are going! As Arthritits or something else gets us all...might as well enjoy the garden any way you can! I have several small stools to use outside...depending on how high/low I may want to sit, or if I need to stand on top to reach high branches I use a REALLY sturdy one! Most of my planting and weeding is done sitting on either a stool or a flipped-over bucket, and I also agree that it's important to VARY YOUR POSTITION OFTEN to avoid stressing any one joint too much! CherylC I totally agree to vary tasks as well so you don't get stiff! Garden on troopers...who cares what the neighbors think, as long as we can get to the dirt, doesn't matter how, right?

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wls4me(Z9 Ca)

Dear Fireraven:

I do gardening while sitting down. I am a diabetic amputee and I can't always where my prosthetic so I go out in my wheelchair, set down on the ground and do my gardening. Of course I don't do extensive gardening, but I do weeding and planting and such. After I had my leg amputated, That is when I first started gardening. Gardening help me keep my sanity. That is why I love doing it so much now.

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My husband had a hip replacement this spring and I have a really bad knee, plus an arthritic back so we have slowed down considerably...drag chairs around to sit on while we water, keep our jobs small, don't let the weeds get too big, and what doesn't get done today can wait for tomorrow. Our yard is nicer than most young people's yards and we enjoy it so much. Plus the most fun is going out before a meal and coming back in with fresh vegetables and herbs. How do you get pictures on here? Can a URL be from your computer? I thought it was just an internet thing. I have lots of pictures to share. When my husband had his operation and was bedridden, I would go out and take pictures with the digital camera, put them on his computer, and then when he got up for a meal, he would stop in and see what was new outside. Also I would bring in bouquets of spring flowers for him. Kept us going and now we are starting to put vegies in the freezer for winter. Yummy.

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How inspiring to read the many ways that people find to keep gardening! I just came inside-have been out 'messing around' in the back yard- and, YES, it is worthwhile to keep a garden going. I cannot kneel or sit on the ground, but I find I can bend from the waist if I don't do it too long at a time. I use a cane and sometimes a walker for support, and try to have convenient seating near all the garden areas. My daughter and grandson arranged the big rocks in the center of a flower bed so I can set and rest, and that makes a great place to have morning coffee and just enjoy the garden. Sometimes I wonder why I am so determined to keep gardening, but when I am in the garden it is all worthwhile.

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Lamebear(zone 6, KY)

I must say that this topic has inspired and encouraged me! I used to sit on the ground to garden, but these days it's too hard and painful to get down and back up. I'm looking for an affordable version of a rolling tool cart/garden seat. I saw one in a catalog, but it was about $100.00-more that I can afford. I may try to build something myself, or opt for the bucket-seat.
By the way, here we have a chain called the Tractor Supply Company, they carry the buckets and the seats, I don't know how widespread they are, or if they have a website.
Good gardening to all, and kudos for not giving up. I join you in refusing to let physcal problems define us.

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Hey Lamebear,
You can get the rolling garden carts for about $30.00 at the big warehouse stores (like BJ's wholesale club). Usually most of these garden gadgets are more available in early spring than in the fall here in the north. The one I have is just below knee high, has a top that flips up to become a handle for pulling, or you can sit on the top and roll sideways along your beds if you want to. Compare this to the average chiroptractic visit...$30.00 around here too. I'd rather have the cart and fewer chiro visits! I also use an old kitty litter bucket with a lid on it if I'm only going out to do a little weeding, trimming, etc. I can keep small garden tools inside, then take out what I need and sit on the bucket while working low to the ground. Some people on other forums have also mentioned using old joint compound buckets, industrial size mayonnaise/frosting buckets obtained from bakeries/delis, there are a lot of free options if you look around. I keep a medium-sized bucket outisde stashed behind evergreen shrubs in case I should go on an impromptu weeding binge...saves my knees cause I just flip it upside down and sit on it! Then I toss the weeds into a pile, and when I'm done I can use the bucket to carry a bunch of weeds to my big green-trash can...double duty!

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ladybug_guam(z11 Guam)

I have polio in my legs. Do my gardening sitting on the ground. I have developed strong arm and hands so I sit sideways to the beds and then move myself to another spot by raisin by lover body with my arms. So I scoot all over the yard that way, and when I get up to go to a farther place and the place I'm working at is uneven, I "walk" on all fours... some friends are amazed at this, but I tell them, is finding another way to do what you love. :)

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Lamebear(zone 6, KY)

I found the perfect thing in my barn, don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. It's an old heavy-duty plastic picnic cooler. No wheels, but light enough to drag around the garden, and I can store various what-nots inside. I've used it before to sit on while working on my tiller, but it had been awhile and I forgot about it.
We didn't do a very good job with our garden layout this year, but we learned a lot of what not to do. Next year, we will leave a lot more space between rows, and not allow volunteer squash and melons to grow in awkward places, like in the corn!
We plan to leave room to either mow between rows, or get between with a small Mantis -type tiller.
I may try trellissing my winter squash, to keep the vines from spreading over the whole garden. Any feedback on that?

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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

Sit, crawl, kneel on one leg, scoot on belly, drag on but....any thing I can just to get into the soil. This year I have had family issues that kept me away from the gardening but someday I will get back to it. I didn't get to plant one this year and sort of feel like the year hasn't come yet since I didn't plant and harvest & can. Life just wasn't complete. Hopefully by next year legal issues will be done and I can plant again...though it will likely be in clay instead of the sandy soil I had before.

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Hi everybody! I check out the bucket caddy and found the lid on I looked at it and wondered how long the lid would hold up. I'm not too overweight for my height but I'm a tall woman. Then I read the review at the bottom and I thought oh no, I don't want the lid on that thing cracking and pinching my behind!

I found this site with instructions for a "situpon" bucket.

Here is a link that might be useful: situpon

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palyne(Zone 6a NE OK)

My gosh. I built raised beds out of cinderblock (or rather, my landscapers did), which I'll be adding a layer to (to make them higher) this spring. I was a bit lazy last year and didn't do everything I planned in my garden, to its great detriment.

I'm reading this forum thinking, holy tamales! Here's this person gardening from the ground and pulling along the tools and compost on the wheelchair! This other one lying down so the pain is bearable while they weed!

I am a lazy slug comparatively! I will not complain about gardening pains again, given serious overweight is my only issue. You guys are downright inspirational.

In the quit whining and just do it sort of way, hahaha! Thanks for sharing. Really.

I think I've just been given a real attitude adjustment...

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Well don't feel too bad Palyne, I'm not in a wheelchair yet but I can't get up off of one of those stupid scooters because they are too low and my knees don't work all that well. I'd still end up needing help getting up.

I feel so self conscious just having to use a cane when my knees are bothering me a bit too much.

But, one thing I think we can all agree to is that we are determined to do what we are able to do and where there is a will there is a way.


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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

Well, seeds all packed into the first tote that will go up north with me when I relocate. Friends can't understand why the "garden tote" is to be in the first thing to go! I am so looking forward to learning how to garden in clay (super heavy slimy when wet shoe sole clinging ankle weights type) after gardening in sandy loam soil which I never dug anyway. Now I physically couldn't dig in regular soil and AM STILL LOOKING FORWARD TO TACKLING THE CLAY.

Knowing I WILL garden again is what is keeping depression down. I see a challenge ahead and if I can make myself function with chronic pain daily I WILL MAKE CLAY SOIL PRODUCTIVE!!

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cinnamonk(zone 6-7 nc)

I've had MS now for 28 years. I can still walk a little, but use a cane or a wheelchair. My problem isn't getting down into the garden but getting back UP! Gardening has been my passion but now I can't go out there alone because I'm afraid I'll be stuck and unable to get up after I've gardened a little. Does anyone have any ideas how I can haul myself up? I have strength in my arms, but my legs don't do much. I've tried pulling myself up using a walker anchored in the dirt but I guess it's a little too tall and I couldn't do it.

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homegrown54(z6 SE Ohio)

For years I have been a sitter-scooter, too! Then that got a little tough.
Since I'm only a little over five feet tall, the five gallon bucket I began using was a little "tippy" and made me bend too far into the beds to reach.
So I went over to a 3 gal (I think) white drywall compound bucket with its own original lid. I can leave it out in the garden and it hasn't aged a bit. If I wanted to use the "seat" I bought I probably could, but never tried it. Makes it easier to get up and still keeps me low enough to reach into the middle of the raised beds. Best of luck to all! We GOTTA keep gardening! Feeds our soul as well as our bellies. - Queen of Buzzard's Glory in SE Ohio

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barbapapa(Z9 Burbank, Ca.)

Hi all,

I use a skateboard. I just sit down and scoot around. It really helps me alot. Im getting to be really good on the thing. All you have to do when you want to turn is push down a little on the fin and turn with your legs.


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I use a low beach chair because it is soft and has a back. It was perfect for harvesting my soybeans because you need to stay in one spot for a while. It doesn't scoot very well so I keep a cane or something nearby to get up out of it to move it.

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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

Sitting and scooting (something nearby to use to pull or push back up) is a whole lot easier than trying to bend!! I do what I can in each position but NEVER ever squat or bend over!!

Only way I can pick bush beans (planted in blocks I can reach over halfway from side) is to sit n scoot on one of those thermal hunting butt pads with a cane or chair placed at each end of the patch to pull up on. Well, sometimes I lay on one hip and slide or pull my body down the rows...pushing the picking basket in front of me.

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Disable_Plant_Lover(Z9 Houston)

I purchased a LAWN BUDDY that is the real name of it. The HOMEDEPO and LOWE'S sells you can sit on them store tools inside them and they roll around in a yard so you can be moblie.
sit while you weed/work?
Posted by Fireraven9 z5 New Mexico (My Page) on Fri, Mar 15, 02 at 17:42

Do you like to sit while you work? I had a fall some time ago and sometimes I cannot stand for long without a lot of pain. Anyone have chores that they do sitting down? We have raised beds ... but they are low "raised beds" and were set up more for conserving water and keeping out weeds than to save the aching back. I can sit on the edge of the bed and work and weed some ... when we build the cold-frames I will have to bring a low seat out there. Just wondering how others deal with all that.
Come my spade. There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's profession. - Shakespeare, Hamlet V,i


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marie99(z8 SC)

I sit on the ground, sit on a little red wagon with a pillow and after those aren't comfy anymore, lay on a garden cart with removeable sides. I hate laying on the ground because we have fire ants, so if I have to, I lay on an old shower curtain.

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Crafty_Canuck(W Canada)

Hello All:

Leslie, what a nifty idea..a skateboard I never would have thought of that!

I definitely have to sit when I work in my one flower bed at least, I just use a foam garden mat and sit right on the ground! I am unable to kneel, one knee already replaced the other developing Osteoarthritis, so if I bend it has to be from the back. I do try and vary my position often, and have gone to gardening by way of Perennials and 'Garden Crafts'!

Della :)

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I have to use the lay down method when working in the garden also. I find it helps me to take two long pieces of cardboard to put on the dirt. I lay on one as far as I can then scoot to the other one. I then take the one I just came of off and put it in front of me. Kind of a new meaning for crop rotation LOL.

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Like many of you, I can't kneel at all. My gardening would have to be done sitting or lying down. Thanks for the great ideas!

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cinnamonk: I can totally relate to what you are saying. I try to make sure I have my cell phone with me when I go into the garden just in case I fall and can't get back up. I've used the porch stairs many times to help me back up after a fall. I scoot up backwards until I'm high up enough to stand. Strategically placed items that you can crawl over to are good - I'm lucky to have stone walls around my yard that I can get up on. I've even used my car to help me get up - last winter I had a fall trying to shovel snow so I opened the car door and crawled in. I did alot of verticle gardening this year and found the trellises really handy to hang onto as well as grow things on!
Good Luck!

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I'm about in the middle of this group, functionally. I'm in the same boat as dirtcrawler, but I'm a little luckier. I don't use a wheelchair yet (unless you count the office chair I'm in most of the day,) mostly because it would have to be 4WD where I live...

As one of you, I hope no one is offended that I find this bunch hilarious. We should start our own TV show!

Reading all these threads also makes me think I'm not quite as crazy as my family thinks I am for dragging myself to the garden as often as possible. Whenever they can't find me they look out to the garden and yell my name. They think it's funny when my head pops up - my girls say it's like there's a hobbit in the garden...

I'm glad to know I'm in such good company - the ends we'll go to to keep gardening lol! I was holding on to my rake (walking stick) after grooming some tomato plants yesterday, just standing there looking around for several minutes, and it hit me how happy I was to be out amongst the plants that day instad of lying in bed. Gardening is so good for the soul, we'd do anything for it. I'm lucky to have some good days.

I sit in one spot and do as much as I can before dragging myself up to move. A cane is often sufficient to get up with on a good day. My garden is many yards from the house, and the ground is sloping and uneven, so on bad days I haven't been going outside. But from now on, I think I will anyway. You guys have given me lots of ideas on how to do so - thanks!

I think I'll get a plastic sled and train my goat to haul me down there!

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For anyone looking for an affordable garden cart to sit on, I got an Ames Lawn Buddy at Lowes for $50.00 last spring. Here'
s a web site where you can look at them:
They cost more on line, of course, because you have to pay the shipping. But it's been a great gardening accessory for me, well worth the money.

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lol at the goat and the sled idea! You know, I probably would train that goat to haul me around! seedsonshirt, I think we need to get you a golf cart for getting around that ranch of yours. Either that or get you a riding lawn mower so you can ride it back to the garden.

I like the Lawn Buddy, jeanr! I would have to put brakes on mine though. I have the worst luck with seats flying out from under me with or without wheels. I like the cup holder feature too. Nothing worse than spilling your drink (nonalcholic of course) on the ground or getting ants in it.

lamalu, good idea taking the cell phone with you! I'm pretty good about surving falls and crawling to the nearest vertical thing to pull myself up on but I imagine there will come a day when I do worse than sprain my ankle falling down some stairs or break a finger going up the stairs and it will probably happen outside. lol!

Gosh, couldn't we all use a Lassie in our lives?

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susz52(5a Ont Ca)

I know this is an old thread but I just found this forum and this post was re-newed recently. For the last year and a half I have been inconvenienced by lumbar spinal stenosis. I have bone rubbing on a nerve that restricts what I can do. I sit or kneel on the ground when I garden. I can bend over once in a while but not for extended or many times. I try to work in half hours and chip away at projects. If I do spend a longer period of time outside working I need a soft surface, like a flat piece of foam in a garbage bag that works OK. I have a plastic garbage can on wheels I drag behind me. Else I leave a swathe of pulled weeds behind me. Works great. If I do too much and believe me I ain't smart all the time, I have to take some days off till the nerve in my left leg says, "OK I forgive you". I could not do my yard last year and this year I was more able to get around better and spent time shovel-pruning every fussy plant, and killing weeds. Next year I will modify my garden for easier care. I can expect surgery to correct some of my back problem but I don't think bending over is going to improve. I hated not being and working outside last year, there isn't one thing to replace my enjoyment in gardening. All you folks give me heart, I wasn't about to give up but my family thinks I'm crazy, well crazier than I really am. I was given a gazillion jig-saw puzzles and craft kits to occupy me when I was diagnosed. Everyone's sense of humour and practical advice here inspires me to be creative. Don'tcha love a new challenge? Susan

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You will definitely find this to be an inspiring bunch, Susan. There is also an abundance of great advice for working in the garden from special tools (check out Fiskars) to low maintenance plants and flowers to ingenious ways to work around one's disabilities. Welcome to the forum, Susan!

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