What type of wood??

anniecatMarch 18, 2002

What type of wood or other material are any

of you using for your raised beds? When we

put our beds in 4 years ago there was a

lot of talk about whether pressure treated

was safe to use.

We did end up putting in pressure treated wood,

and now I really want to change it.

Any suggestions??

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi annie.......I agree that it's important to change your wood. I think cedar would be good. Redwood would be good too, but too expensive and I would have worries about using a wood that takes so long to replenish. Cedar is expensive too, but I think it would last a whole lot longer than something cheaper. Good luck!

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Do you think that you can line your current pressure treated beds with some sort of material that would obviously drain, but also create a barrier so the arsenic and or copper naphlate would not leach into your garden soil ?
Perhaps lining the sides with a thick rubber mat, but not the bottom of the beds so it can still drain ?
I wonder what the cost to line the beds with sheet metal would be ?


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sheila0(7a So. MD)

Hi, Right here on the Garden Web is a fantastic greenhouse with a RAISED BED setup that is lined. I will give you the URL because I could not find it on the greenhouse page.
It is very, very nice check it out.


If anyone can link it, it would help.
This actually shows how the greenhouse is built but from part 5 you see the raised beds and at the end are wonderful pictures. There is some interesting floor material that could be very nice even in garden beds I think.
Take a look. If I find the link in the Garden web I will list it later.

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Hi mich_in_zonal_denial & Catherine...

Thanks...I know I have to change the wood, and it really would not be practical to 'line' our beds in any way.
We have a fairly small yard that slopes a bit, so it will be easier to just change the wood. Good idea though.
I also thought about TREX, the new plastic/composite decking material.
My Dad just had some new front steps put on his house, and the builder told him he used TREX because it was just about slip-proof.

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Oh my! I believe I would tilt the existing undesirable wood frame, hose it off and simply enamel paint the sucker.
I'm to tight to get that excited. It, of course, is better not to use it but I did. I did what I have suggested when reading all the horror news about it. I haven't found a dead rabbit or mole, in my beds yet! The worms are happy too. Next time I will change to untreated wood.

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I am still trying to decide what to do. I like the enamel paint idea, Doc !!! We have a gazillion worms, and no dead critters.... Too bad the woodchucks don't like the wood!
We will perhaps just start the garden this year, and switch over to rough-cut cedar over the summer..... Our problem is the slope of our yard, and the fact that our yard is down in back....and landlocked! So it is not easy to get things up and down the stairs. Even ourselves sometimes!

Thanks for your ideas.

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virakech(z5 Ohio)

I don't have a raised bed yet, but I thought I might use that recycled plastic wood-look-a-like stuff they use for decks now. It has a life span of 30 years +, resembles the look of wood enough not to hurt the eye, and comes in several natural looking colors. Any thoughts?

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Have you asked anyone where it is sold, or your local garden center or County Extension Service?? Or look some more on the Internet.
I Will tell you that I decided to change my back
yard around a little anyway, and on Sunday pulled
out a couple of the pressure treated boards around
the garden. This particular area is going to be
another flower garden...and much easier to handle.

Then I have two other veggie plots, and have plans to
yank those boards too. My tenant already has a
few plants in one, and I will put stuff in the other myself.

On another forum I saw someone say that Lowe's had
roll-out cedar edging that was fairly inexpensive, and
someone else said they had seen some hard plastic made for
raised beds.
Concrete blocks are a good idea if you can get them onto
your property, and get someone to stack them.. Could be either one or two in height, staked through one of the
holes with rebar.
I was really 'on the fence' but now am very glad I am lifting the pressure treated.
Once I reload my scanner I will send a picture of what we
have been using . Don't hold your breath!!

Anymore ideas????

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