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Jason_D_B(9a NE FL)September 18, 2011

My HMF account dosn't have a 'back' and 'next' page buttons on the cuttings tab. Also, if I click 'I want cuttings for this plant' it shows up as 'I have cuttings for this plant' or both. Have you ever had this problem? If so how did you fix it? I've tried everything.

- Jason

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

HMF doesn't have "next" or "back" buttons, period. The website is not set up like that. The subject has been raised with the admin over there, and they have said it would take a far bigger upgrade to their servers and bandwidth than the site is able to financially support. I noticed that you are not a premium member over there, and perhaps you should consider doing that?

Personally, I am glad there are no "back" or "next" buttons on the "I want cuttings" tab, as that seems to be the most misused feature of the site -- some people claim they want cuttings of just about every rose they've ever come across (with absolutely nothing to offer for the trade), and every time they select a rose I have, I get another email asking me to contact them. I don't take those emails seriously at all, and generally ignore them. The purpose of the cuttings exchange over there is to actually "exchange" cuttings, not just to get as much as you possibly can for free, but there are others that don't see it that way.


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kstrong(10 So Cal)

p.s. I also noticed that most of the cuttings you want are of roses that are easily available in commerce from the small OGR mail-order nurseries, assuming your member name over there is "Jason_B". Most HMF members that participate in the cuttings exchange over there will not undercut these small nursery businesses that we are so trying to keep going in biz.

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Having received many of the cuttings notifications myself, I agree with you Kathy. I'm often very willing to send cuttings of appropriate things for the cost of postage, but there have been more than a few who wanted cuttings of hundreds, with nothing listed on their "plants grown" tab to indicate they actually garden and would know how to handle them. Taken seriously and used properly, I truly believe this feature will serve to keep rare and unusual roses around for a very long time, but it should never be used to under cut our specialty nurseries. And, not for patented varieties. Things are expensive and I don't buy what I can't afford, either, but what's right is right.

Supporting HMF is a tremendously cost effective way to keep this valuable resource around for as long as possible. Things aren't getting any better for them, either. Imagine losing not only our wonderful specialty growers, but HMF. Sad and scary! Kim

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I'm amazed that HMF even allows the cuttings feature to be available to non-Premium members.

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Jason_D_B(9a NE FL)

Thank you for your insight! I will probably buy most of those roses, but if I can exchange for one or two I would be happy to do so(My name is Jason_B). I've already used the cutting exchange to get (expect to come) Yolande d'Aragon. The VERY nice woman I was wanting to exchange with didnt want any of my roses I have but she is sending Yolande anyway! How thoughtful. I will certainly be on the lookout for the roses she wants so I can repay her.
Also, I dont want to undercut the nurserys eather (like vintage gardens, such a shame).

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

How does one delete a request for cuttings on HMF after you've received them ? Or for that matter how do you delete an offer of cuttings of a rose you may no longer have?

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Sign in to your account. Click on "Cuttings" tab on the top. Your cuttings list comes up with "remove" buttons on the right. Click the button pertaining to the one you wish to remove and it is deleted. This list contains what you want cuttings of as well as what you are offering cuttings from. Kim

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I would like to underscore what Kstrong and Kim have written. I think we are in a relative dark ages of rare roses after nearly a quarter century of expansion of rose options. Not supporting boutique nurseries is a way to guarantee that you won't have a lot of choice in the future, even under the best of circumstances. And I would suggest that people take a look at the rare roses offered by the Central Coast R S in its upcoming auction in November. Rose Auctions are another way of supporting the diffusion of rare roses. JimD

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Jason_D_B(9a NE FL)

Rose auction?! Sounds good to me!

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Jim knows of what he speaks! He is the gentleman responsible for amassing such incredible selections for the Ventura County Rose Society Auctions for many years. Their actions have done more to spread rare, old and unusual roses throughout Southern California than just about any other venue.

Attending and purchasing from these auctions is needed, but propagating the old, rare and unusual roses and donating them to your local auction is vital, also. Support your specialty growers to the fullest of your ability, but learn to propagate and support those who actively work to preserve "orphaned roses". Don't concern yourself with the latest offerings of commercial sources as they have much more push and pull surrounding them than the ones no longer offered in the glossy catalogs. They don't have to be Old Garden Roses, either. Older moderns from past decades which do well in your area are often much more endangered than OGR classes. They are, after all, tomorrow's OGRs. Kim

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

HMF sends something out when you put a rose in your Want list? Ooops. I thought it was more like a database of what you'd like and what you have in order to arrange a future exchange.

I do send cuttings to folks without reciprocation, btw :) But I think we all should support our small nurseries! The cuttings I list as wants tend to be for common things that I probably won't be buying because I buy the rarer ones until my budget can't do any more, lol.

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I PREFER to send cuttings or seeds for just the cost of postage. The limited space I have remaining where I can maintain roses, I am saving for promising seedlings when I find them in the seed beds. I put a lot of time, care and effort in collecting the cuttings, preparing them and packaging them to stack the deck in favor of success for the recipient. Getting hit with an email out of the blue, requesting many dozens of varieties at once is more than a little "shock". Kim

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