Thinking about a raised bed on slope. Need ideas/help.

mdeleon(z5 IL)April 16, 2010

He everyone, we tried some simple perennial gardening along a slope (used to be strip of grass) along the walkway of our steps that lead up to our doorway. Because we only have about 3 inches of topsoil and them lovely builders concrete, rubble or whatever, I was thinking about doing raised beds that terraced up the slope. Here are some pictures that may help. It starts from the bottom of the slope and goes up to the top. The last image is rough dimensions.

Something a bit like this:

I was thinking that the best way would be to do a good rot resistant wood. I have heard of cedar and redwood being used. I'm not good at 'design' or 'style' so I'm not sure what styles, if any, are available to make it look nice in this situation. I hope someone can help in that department. I have also heard of stone but that may be too bulky as the width is only 2 to 2.5' across!

I'm NOT good at carpentry etc so I'd be hiring someone to help me out with this! I just want to do the fun part of planting and maintaining the garden!

Any ideas and help would be great!

1st shot is view of the side of the house so you can see if wood would look good here with this retaining wall...

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery of Photos

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

The part I would worry the most is where it stops at the sidewalk. If there was some way of putting another course of the stonework across there to stop dirt/debris moving out of the garden onto public space I'd feel happier (if it were mine.)

I don't know if you get snow in winter, or interesting frosts that affect your steps. What impact would having a raised bed there have on your ability to clear snow?

If the mulch stays in one place (apart from the birds helping it to move) then you shouldn't have a lot of runoff or downhilll movement of soil.

You don't say what you plan to plant there. In my own zone I could think of natives that would tolerate that depth of soil, despite the rubble below. And heaps of weeds, too. Not to mention shrubs and herbs.

I'm just thinking that stooping over from the steps to garden could be quite demanding.

I like your wood constructions. And I like that blockwork you have out front even better as a match for your house.

As well as this forum - you could offer the idea on some of the other forums that get more traffic than this one.

PS Love your boulders! They look sort of glacial. Very pretty!

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