suggestions please to make my yard look nicer

carol0512(5a)April 28, 2014

I use a cane, and this grass is not good for walking. I think I would like pea gravel. Has anyone used pea gravel. I would have to remove the grass and then what goes under the gravel or just toss onto the dirt? I need to do this cheaply. The rest of the yard are scrubs, or ground cover. Right now the Virginia creeper and violets are blooming..

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The grass or vegetation looks pretty nice. Since you didn't complain about it (as in it is a bunch of weeds that you also want to get rid of), then I might suggest using paver stones to make a path.

The grass will still grow up to the stone and need cutting or trimming, but you can achieve the path without too much digging or ground prep.

If you decide to go with pea gravel, I would dig down a few inches, lay landscape fabric or weedblock, then fill in with pea gravel. You may also want some kind of border so that the gravel or dirt don't eventually mix up together on the side of the path.

I don't recommend to put the gravel on the soil directly because weeds will eventually grow through, and also as you step on the gravel over time, it just sinks more and more into the ground. The fabric helps to not sink in as much, even though you do still get it a little bit.

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Walking on pea gravels is difficult for me. Have you tried it? You can make a paver stone walk by making your own. You can buy forms and pour your own walk. I've gone from raising flowers to mostly shrubs and I try to get shrubs of various sizes and flowering times for my yard. Hope this helps.

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