Handy Use For Garden 'Car'

Sheila7863May 2, 2002

I can't remember what the darned thing is called - but they were selling them everywhere last year! It's a little green rolling garden seat about 12" tall with big wheels and has a lift-up lid storage compartment.

I have back and neuromuscular problems so I fall a lot and have difficulty carrying and bending. One day I was looking at my little "car" and got a brainstorm! I tied a rope through the front handle and voila! It is the coolest thing INSIDE the house too. I can sit a plant or other heavy object on it and pull it through the house! It's also handy for picking up objects as you walk through the house - you can leave the lid open and toss the objects inside as you pull it along. WELL worth the $20 or so I paid for it!

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taba(z5b MO)

Great idea, Sheila. I have been looking at those, but the are $40 around here. Waiting for a sale to pick one up.

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Hmmm, I've never seen one of these before--does anyone have a web link so that I can what this "car" looks like? How large is the capacity of the storage area?

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Denise491(9, Redding, Ca)

That sounds really cool, was wondering if my son could drag one around behind his wheelchair. Where do you find them?

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janetsflowers(Z6 NY)

Around here it is called a "grasshopper" and can be found at garden centers, catalogs, etc for about $20.

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For this old gardener, the little rolling garden car has made it possible for me to garden again. I can really scoot around on it. This winter, will bring into the house to use.

Mpls. Dee

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Another one is the "Lawn Buddy", about $30.

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I have used a large red wagon in my garden for years. Why couldn't a small red wagon work for inside the house?

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