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Arianne377(z5b/6a-MA)May 9, 2003

Hi everyone, it has been ages since I posted here. I have a slight problem I thought someone here might be able to assist me with.

I garden on 1/4 acres and mulch at the rate of 60-70 - 3 cubic feet bags each spring. I am 64 now and have a bad hip, spine, and some days my hands don't want to work.

I have used a little cart that I can drag the mulch bag onto and then wheel it to where I want to spread. Because of all the rain here, the mulch is wet and VERY heavy. I use more energy trying to get it out of the bags than I do spreading it.

I was looking at those lawn carts that have the big bicycle wheels. One, on the Gardener's Supply site can tip to the ground, while the wheels stay upright so that I could just push my mulch bag into it and manuver that around maybe better?

My little cart is difficult to push or pull uphill into my back gardens. I am simply looking for something that will assist me with my task. If anyone uses one of these big wheeled carts, how do you like it? Is it really easy to push or pull? The one on Gardener's Supply is $149.00. Is that a good price? I have seen some more expensive, and some cheaper but without the large wheels.

I am not going to quit doing that which I love, I just need a little assistance.

thank you


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sounds like we both have the same exact problems. i checked the gsc site. i do not think the $149 wheelbarrow would do the trick....having a square end that sits on the ground would be much better. i have an old garden way cart [more like the $275 model] which looks like it is easier to load and lug and drop the bags. i'm not sure my body would handle even that this about hiring a teenage boy to carry the bags to where you want them? [i'm lucky i still have one at home] you'd be able to do that every year for over 10 years at the price of the cart.... i've also found a special needs person who just loves to help with yard work, just for the company.

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I bought a Vermont cart and an aluminum Foldit cart 2 years ago and love them both. The Vermont I was lucky enough to find at a garage sale and the best price on the Foldit cart was at My husband and I use them daily on our 3 acres. Good luck to you, Brenda

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Ratherbgardening(PNW 7 or 8)

I have 2 of the large wheeled carts, one large and one small. My small one doesn't have pneumatic tires and is a little harder to use because of that, but we have acreage with a lot of uneven ground. It was fine on a city lot. My large one has pneumatic tires and is very easy to move. It has a front panel that can be removed for dumping.
I've had to use a wheelbarrow lately and it is much harder for me to use becuase of the strain it puts on my back, so I'll be glad to go back to my carts.

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I like the Smart Cart we have. It is very lightweight and really easy to maneuver -- but holds eveything we put in it. We bought it 8 years ago and has been worth the (little extra) price, and still looks great.

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