The Dark Garden: The Nanny Pods

georgeiiiMay 30, 2007

In the Container Gardening section there are postings from The Dark Garden. There you'll find ways to build self watering containers from recycled plastic soda bottles. The pods are about 18" to 2' tall. Just right for those who just can't give up gardening. Or are in a wheel chair. Even have pictures and easy to follow instructions.

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OK I am new to this and a little lost! I am trying to find the posting from Dark Garden. I went to the Container Gardening section but couldn't locate postings? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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valentinetbear(z6 PA)

The containers being so small requires a lot more additional work fertilizing, and, frankly, trying to keep them from falling over in storms, must be a chore in itself. Quite often, you'll end up needing to transplant them in mid season. Frankly, it's a lot more work then just using containers.

The directions aren't specific enough, and she's not big on clarifying. From all that I've figured out from the pictures, and all of the responses she receives, it looks like too much work for able bodied people, and there is a hint of a marketing ploy to get you to buy real directions. All in all, don't worry about not finding the links. The pictures make you go "ooooo," until you start figuring in what must have been required to do all that work!

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Hello again. The pods are quite stable, even one by itself (with a full crown)will stand up to 30 mile an hour storms. That the average wind storm I have here. A gallon of water weighs something. You put a couple in a row and they'll brace a whole crop of plants. Even on the roof I use little pieces of velcro to hold them down and to each other. By the way there's not complicated about my method...just different. Everything you need is in your own trash. You don't need anything from me. Do a search there's information here.

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