Any Garden Club members out there?

Candes(Z7 TX)May 20, 2003

My husband and I are the youngest and newest garden club members in our group. We're in our 30's. Most of the members are much older than we are. There are a few older members who still love to garden and get their hands dirty.

WHAT kind of activities can DH and I suggest and plan that would be interesting to all? What would you enjoy learning? What do you do in your club?

As a club we don't do THAT much and well, it's kind of boring. If we can't get new members and make this a more exciting group I really don't see continuing next year.

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Maigan(z6b MD)

How many people are in your group? Have you thought about incorporating children into your program? kids love to get dirty! Have you tried posting at your local gardening places that there is a garden group in your area? Memorial gardens seem to be a big thing right now, try to get with your community members to create on at your local park.
Your statements and questions are a bit vague. I hope my 2 cents worth was helpful.

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

I belong to both a Garden Club and a gardening club. The capital-letter one is very large and does a lot of community work, like city beautification projects, and has a guest speaker most meetings. We have an annual flower show in conjunction with our Festival de Fleur, which is a gathering of many plant societies and commercial nurseries and garden accessories dealers and a LOT of fun. I don't go much anymore since my husband can't be left alone. The other group is much smaller and I attend faithfully even tho' it might be a little boring to you: we talk about what we're growing and what our problems/sucesses are, and have a plant exchange every month where we can share special or surplus plants. That would be enough to get me there even if I didn't enjoy the meeting and the members! Keeps me on my toes bringing something different and special. Love to propagate but I'm running out of room--partly because the weeds are 'way ahead of me! A lot of what makes a club interesting is what YOU put into it and what YOU want out of it. Too many members sit back and say 'keep me interested' instead of 'what can I do?' (I'm not accusing you of that--you wouldn't have asked the question if you were doing that. Often older members are the ones who get the community projects going or who supervise, for instance, a junior garden club or a housing-project landscaping or a community garden. Often they can't take on the whole project but would be thrilled to have some part in it. Hope I've given you some ideas.

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