muddy tires

aker(7)May 25, 2002

Those of you that use a wheelchair or scooter while gardening must encounter problems with running through dirt and mud when gardening. This is a problem for me when I use my scooter out near the garden beds. The path is just dirt and we live in a wet climate.

I have put out rugs to run back and forth on to *try* and get some of the dirt off, but no matter how hard I try I always track it inside.

Any ideas?

Thanks :-)

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Jillrob(NC 8)

I use a wheelchair and keep a scrub brush tucked in the back of my mailbox for those muddy occasions. I don't suppose you could reach the wheels with a scooter, though. How 'bout a broom??

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Hi, Jillrob

I have tried using a broom to clean my tires, but my main problem is reaching. The tires are not very accessible, especially the front which has metal framing around it. We also have a lot of clay in the soil and it really sticks!!

Thanks for your suggestion anyway!!!

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Maigan(z6b MD)

me too on the mud but I just hose my tires off before going inside again. It took awhile to manage not to get too wet but a little water is better than alot of mud :)

Now though, I actually have an outside chair that I use just for going out in the yard. This is a recent addition to my life. I love it. the husband just takes it out and hoses it off better then I do when I"m sitting in it.

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