How to clean power chair wheels?

Zinnia(z6 OH)May 22, 2005

Hi folks, I use a powerchair to get around and the back wheels get very dirty in the garden area and whenever I go through any grassy areas especially after a rain. I've been fighting this dirty problem for 5 years now, trying all types of brushes but none work too great, I have weak hands which make it even more difficult to clean the dirt from the deep treds. When I'm not able to do this my carpet also gets muddy, leaving a trail behind me and another mess to clean. Any ideas for this frustrating chronic problem?

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MistersMom(z5a northern NY)

I too use a power chair and I found that making wheel covers out of old tee shirt material and elastic so that they slip over the wheels but don'thurt traction helps to keep the mud down. I generally put a set on the wheels on wet dirty days and then when I'm done and back up on the deck I strip them off and put them out to dry. Once dry I can shake most of the dirt off and then run them through the washer. The best way I can describe them is that they are a strip of cloth as long as the circumfrance of the wheel plus seam allowance and each side has elastic applied. The ends are seamed together so that the circle is the correct size to slip over the wheel and the elastic then goes on each side of the tire and holds them on. Hope this helps.

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Jillrob(NC 8)

I'm about to move to NH. I've been worried about coming back into the house from the snow/salt/slush/mud. MistersMom, I don't understand your tire covers. They are kind of like a rubber band, only made of fabric with elastic on the sides. How do you get them on the tire?

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