Rolling Garden seat with big wheels

jimmydo2(z9 Calif)June 7, 2005

Greetings all

ALthough I have not reached the point of needing a full time Elctric cart, I need something while Gardening.

I have broken a Lawn Buddy allready (The top came off)

I am now using a smaller Garden Cart (Sort of like a fisher price version of the lawn buddy), but its wheels are way to small, and it really wont scoot on dirt or grass.

I am looking for something with Large wheels (At least three of them (those two wheeled garden seats scare me)

I have seen a couple versions of a metal one with huge wheels, but the cheapest one I saw was at harbor freight, and it does look like a cheaper version.

but it is the least expensive

has anyone tried one of these seats, or could you recomend something else

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How would you get up from it?

I use a similar device in the kitchen--it is actually a small office chair with wheels. Since the floor is totally flat, I can roll about at a tremendous pace, and I use a little folding table to have a reachable workspace. The wheels on the chair swivel around easily, so directional changes are no problem.

The chair has a back, though, so I have something to hold onto when sitting and standing.

A brake is also a good safety feature to have when you are on wheels.

The wide wheels would provide some stability, but probably also make it harder to push around.

If I got something like that I would probably also get a little folding table for outside use with it, that I could tote around with me. I mean, the ones that fold from the middle, leaving a little handle to carry them by; they are of a sturdy plastic and cost about $10.

Even without a back, a cane would probably be of assistance in getting up from it....

Thank you for posting the link; it does look interesting....

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jimmydo2(z9 Calif)

Yeah figure a Cane would be a Requirement, but even so, I think it should be much easier than trying to get up off the ground

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It finally occurred to me earlier this year that, since I use a cane, I can no longer push a wheelbarrow.

I did get a wagon, which has wheels about the size of your cart, but find if I put too much on it it's hard to pull.

Even if you did have to get up off the ground, the garden seat would be something to pull yourself up onto.

I use a redwood stool that used to be an end bench for a picnic table. It's a pain to drag it around with me, but if I put it narrow end forward and straddle it, I can get quite close to what I'm working on without stepping on other plants.

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jimmydo2(z9 Calif)

Yeah, In that respect, I am very Spoiled. I have a Lawn Tractor, and one of those Yard-Wagons from the Big Box Stores.

THe Tractor, is the Entry level Riding Mower, but I can hool up the wagon and haul stuff all over the Yard. I have really Tested both the Wagon and the Tractor, with a Ton of Bricks (I found out later, the wagon is only rated for a Half Ton (Oops) but they certainly help a lot.

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You can probably get almost as close from the tractor as the garden seat you posted the px for. Do you have a good set of lightweight long-handled (about 3 ft.) tools?

A tractor is a great idea....time to build a shed.

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kmickleson(z9 CA)

I don't know what your body issues are, Jimmie, but I have that small 2-Step & love it! I scooch my butt along on the shredded cedar floor of my garden, and am able to reach things. I got it because the Lawn Buddy, which I have & love, is a bit unyieldly on some narrower paths in my garden. I highly recommend it. The other one seems huge to me.

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jimmydo2(z9 Calif)

The problem I have with the two step, is that I sometimes scooch myself right off of it.

I am looking for some neoprean to attach to it, to keep me from sliding, it might make it softer too.
Perhaps a mouse pad would work well, hmm

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I was gardening and I used a chair with small wheels that got stuck in a rut. I fell down and I needed help to get up. I reccomend something that has large wheels that will not get stuck in any holes.

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maineman(z5a ME)

I have this rolling garden seat and use it a lot. Here is another slightly narrower version of it.

The seat height is adjustable. Some places charge a lot more for it. My wife gave it to me as a birthday present. She was lucky enough to get it from Harbor Freight for a lower price than any of the sources linked here, but apparently they don't stock it anymore.


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maineman(z5a ME)

Good news!

Harbor Freight still has the Rolling Work Seat in stock for $49.99, which is the lowest price we found it at. Best Buds apparently sells the same seat for $149.95. That's about $100 higher than what we paid!


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dangsr(N Fla)

I ordered one from and it should arrive about tomorrow or next day, still 49.99.

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To anyone who has used the cart from Harbor Freight - how high can the seat be raised; will it roll over gravel on my patio? Having turned into a bionic grandmother this past winter, I need a reliable seat for gardening. Thank you

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maineman(z5a ME)


I have the Harbor Freight cart. In fact I used it quite a bit yesterday to plant irish potatoes and today I used it to set out onions. It's really handy for me, and saves a lot of kneeling. The seat adjusts from about 15 inches above the ground up to about 19 inches. I like to have it at about 18 inches.

I think you could tip it over, because the wheels are close enough together to let you straddle it. But tippiness hasn't been a problem for me because I usually have both feet on the ground when I am sitting on it. I used it in some loose sand without a tipping problem.

Incidentally, Gardener's Supply now has a new steerable model of it. Maybe I will get one later this year. It costs somewhat more.


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mtcrafter(z4/5, MT)

I am so happy to have found this thread on rolling garden seats. I sent for the adjusable/steerable one from Gardener's Supply just now. I've been at my wit's end trying to garden by stooping and it is getting very difficult. And after standing and digging for a short while, I have to find a seat to sit on. I've been concerned on how to plant seed since I can no longer get down on the ground. If I did, it would take a crane to get me back on my feet!

Ann in Montana

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardener's Supply Garden Seat

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MY garden seat got here on time, My space to use it is grass and it is real hard to move it along, I plan to change my garden area this fall and winter so the space that Ill use it on will be a hard smooth and a better surface to roll on. All my garden is container so it wont be hard to arrange to use it, cause I love it.

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I use the harbor freight cart. I am disabled, in a different way then most. I have asthma badly. I love it...It helps alot

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jimmydo2(z9 Calif)

I love my HF cart as well, but, now that I have seen the steering one, I wanna upgrade.... Maybe put a small moter on it as well... (Could put the battery in the tool tray), It does not need to move fast (that would actualy be kinda bad)

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maineman(z5a ME)


I think you have an idea for a good product there. I'm serious. I push myself along with my feet, but if you had a knee problem or something like that, a gentle, controllable electric motor assist could be just the thing. A battery and a geared down electric motor could do the trick.

I think those personal mobility self-powered wheelchairs put you up too high to conveniently garden down low. If you had sufficiently high raised beds, they could work though.

I've been thinking about investing in the material to convert our garden to raised beds. But right now our little grandaughter enjoys ready access to our garden, and raised beds might put things out of her reach. And I'm still reasonably agile, thanks to all my activity in the garden.


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My wheelchair gets me to most places and then I have to use my hoe to get to other places out of reach. I also scoot along in many locations. If I can get up on my knee I usually can get back into my wheelchair. Using my leg tires me out too soon, but is used to get me to where I can scoot. So as we get older we have to learn to adapt and improvise as we go but it will always be a learning experience that I hope we pass along to others in their discoveries. Some one needs to develop a riding rig with large fat wheels where we can sit, not to high which can be moved by power, slowly as we chose. It seems at the same time tools for special needs be developed so they may be used in caring for our plants. Maybe an old, altered go-car, geared down for us who once enjoyed speed but now need something much slower.

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I just checked out the Harbor Freight website and this rolling garden seat is now on sale for $39.99. Shipping is $8.99 which seems very reasonable. I pay more than that for plants which are much lighter weight. Just thought I would let you all know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Harbor Freight Garden Seat

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I have never tried this before. But whenever I try I will let you know.

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I need a garden seat that will let me be low so I can garden, it also must have side bars in order to pull myslef up, do you have anything, Smith and Hawkins used to have them, but they are in CA.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

edith, Smith and Hawken is out of business. Can you kneel with hand holds to help you get up? The following example can be found Target, WalMart, sometimes places like Ace - flipped short side down for kneeling, turned the other way for sitting.

Those with wheels have never looked completely safe to me, too easy to have one roll off on it's own, I haven't seen one with a brake yet!

Does this work or not meet your needs? And, they usually are not quite this expensive at the chain stores....

Here is a link that might be useful: Kneeler or Seat combo

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