Optimal height for wheelchair accessible bed

Carrie BJune 4, 2002

Hello all,

We are planning on adding a "senior" bed at our community garden, and would like to make it accessible for people in wheelchairs. Any dimensions or other pertinent information (I did print out a few of the posts about path materials) is welcome.



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Maigan(z6b MD)

well, it depends on how high the chairs are really and how flexible the people who are going to use the bed are. a perfect height would be at least 30 inches high so they can reach across it easily and no more than 3 ft across. unless you are designing it for more than one person to work in the same bed. You might want to ask the people who are going to use it how they think it would best serve them. That would make them feel like they are really apart of the plan instead of just having one built for them and saying "here, plant something" I hope that helps. Good luck

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Jillrob(NC 8)

My beds are 2' high, and are perfect for me. Most wheelchairs are the same height (the seat is 19" off the ground), so this will probably work for most people.

The width is more individualized because it depends on how far over you can lean without falling over. My trunk muslces aren't all that rigorous, and I have to work at working the back of my beds, 2' away. I could lean an elbow in the bed for support, but then I'm compressing my soil. (I've been thinking of getting a piece of wood to lay across the bed to lean on when I'm working the back.)

Needless to say, you want to use the thinnest material you can find to make the beds (untreated wood, probably)so you don't waste that small area that's within reach.

If you're in an area where people have horses or other large animals, you can get their leaky old stock watering tanks. They are a perfect height, and sizeable enough for theme beds. I've got 2 herb beds in stock tanks and also 3 for tomatoes and peppers. The added benefit is that the voles can't get at the goodies inside.

Good luck!

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