Corner brackets for raised beds

dsumma(z5a CT)June 6, 2003


My appolgies if this isn't the forum I should post to.

Does anyone know where I can purchase copper corner brackets to make the form for the beds. Gardener's Supply has them in one of their kits, but doesn't sell them separately. If not copper, then something decorative would do. I don't want to use builder supply brackets.

Many thanks,


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the sponsor which showed up for this post may have what you need:

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You could use gate hardware. Some of it is very decorartive.


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VioletAnn(z7 NC)


I'm also looking for the corner brackets to assemble raised beds but don't need anything decorative. The brackets I am looking for allow you to slip the end of the boards into them. I have some physical limitations and the corner brackets would be a great help to me.


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Maybe hardware that is used for building decks or attaching rafters would work. They make quite a wide variety of functional pieces. We just staggered (maybe called dovetail) our landscape timbers and used 6' nails then put a 1 x 6 around the top If you drill your holes first it is easy to nail them in.


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