Can you name this plant? and what is wrong with it??!

belenlivesJune 8, 2014

I bought the plant thinking i could bring it back to life, outside, it is always drying out. And inside (and outside!) after it gets a certain amount of leafs the leafs begin to look pale and they have parts where each leaf looks like it got thinned out, so the sun comes through those parts a lot more. then they begin getting little holes! then fall off! I will post another picture of a leaf.
the soil I'm using is sta-green, which is flower and vegetable garden soil and it comes with fertilizer, 70% that and the rest is regular soil from my backyard which looks like a kind of soil that doesn't want water lol it acts as if it was duck feathers sometimes, and it takes it a lil while to absorb water. it is summer here and hot days but even when i got the plant back in winter it hated being outside, inside it survives a little longer but at some point the leafs begin that silly process of thinning out then falling off.
I have kept the plant under sun or part share of full shade and it just hates being outside. is this a total indoor plant?
It likes to be watered like once a week, it seems.
should i fertilize it ?!
thanks everyone!

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you can see through the leafs when it starts getting "infected" it does this every time. i have checked for bug, there is none

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I suggest reposting this on the Container forum, but from what you've said, I see that you have used garden soil in your mix.

Don't ever do that in a container. Just use a soil-less mix. There are lots to choose from, or just buy a soil-less mix like Miracle Gro.

Then you go on to say

looks like a kind of soil that doesn't want water lol it acts as if it was duck feathers sometimes

That sounds like a horrible thing to have in your potting medium. You shouldn't try to use garden soil in a container to start with - because it packs down, compresses, and cuts off aeration to the roots of anything planted in it. But given that its bad soil on top of that, that makes it a double no-no!

Even good garden soil is no good in a container. None of the multiple invisible systems that make good garden soil good will work in a pot. The microflora and fauna that make up healthy soil cannot survive in balance in a pot, and there are no earthworms working to keep your soil fluffy and light once you plop it into a pot.

So - no garden soil in your pots!

I can't see that plant well enough to id (plus its sideways and I don't feel like downloading the picture to put it through Windows Viewer and rotate it) but repost on the container forum and maybe someone there can help more with id-ing the plant, and helping you get your potting mix straightened out.

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Looks like an arrowood plant, and where I live, its a houseplant. Repot it in good potting soil, not soil from your yard.

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