being sensible after back surgery

mrtulinJune 27, 2002

I had two cervical vertabrae removed and a fusion a month ago. I am doing very well, but would appreciate both encouragement and caution to get through the next two months of wearing a very impressive Miami J collar.

First I hired real, true gardeners to weed, fertilize and mulch. No he-men mow and blowers; women who know their stuff. (sorry, that is sexist, and I'm really not that, being a 50 year old feminist)

Very expensive, very rewarding.

However, I can't seem to strike a balance, or literally find the position, or figure out how to limit myself so I don't end of hurting or too tired.

The mantra is take it easy, pay attention to how I feel, use common sense, and a few other sensible thoughts.

I feel extremely grateful that I can walk a mile now, instead of just a block....but how the garden--even the weeds beckon.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk.


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Hi Marie,

It is great to hear that your cervical disc fusion was a success! Take it from someone who has "been there, done that"! It is very difficult surgery and a lengthy recuperation.

Here are a few suggestions, when you feel strong enough. Try to "surf the web a lot", catch up on all your summertime reading, take your "cat naps" frequently, listen to the doctors, and wear the "height of fashion", which is your cervical collar. You have my sincere sympathy. I wore a "Philadelphia" collar, which is a rigid plastic contraption for the first month, and then graduated to a soft collar the second month. I wore a lot of my husband's button down shirts, because I was unable to pull a shirt over my head. Be grateful for the tiniest accomplishments, such as, climbing a flight of steps and it didn't take you 1/2 hr. to do it, walking without being in pain, fixing yourself something to eat without someone self doing it for you, cherish your family and their loving support, lean on friends during your recuperation, enjoy sitting outside and feeling the warm sun on your face, marvel in the beauty of nature all around you, and the chirpping birds that are singing their daily songs to you.

Cherish every moment and know that you have overcome a difficult hurdle and the healing process will take time. Try to be patient! I know that it is easier said than done. Two months seems like forever........but, in the grander scheme of things, it is but a blink of an eye.

I hope your recuperation continues to go well and if you ever want to chat, you may e-mail me.

The very best of luck to you,


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