Honeysuckle advice

ewancJuly 2, 2005

I'm a first time user - sorry if I've got the wrong message board - this one seemed to give advice previously on Honeysuckle.

I'm also a new gardener having inherited a nice garden with my new home.

The problem.... There is a honeysuckle with some of the flowers in bloom but other appear to have little black/brown spots/growths all over them. These are only on the flowers that have yet to open out. I presume this is not normal and there is either a pest or a disease - HELP!!!!


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Could they be aphids? There is a grey kind that can also infest trees.

If it is aphids, and no ladybugs or ladybug larvae (which look like tiny black alligators)in sight, which would eat them, you could try spritzing with soapy water.

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