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Yellow22(7PA/NJ)July 29, 2004

Is there a chance, yes there's alway one, where we could guide this forum into a broader allowence. Bring in ideas and thoughts. I suppose most who know are so stricken dealing of a pro level and don't want to input and take up family time, can't or don't think about those of you who need help here.

Here's a quick tip that works for every one....now where to find a sharp pencil....to know if a potted plant needs to be watered...let the wet or unwet pencil tell you if you can't stick you finger into a pot very easily.

What would be the best piece of raw wood to use...because I never trusted a #2.

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julieyankfan(z9FL Pasco Cty.)

Good tip! Any kind of stick, like a paint stirrer, would work. I'll try it and let you know.


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lilone_SoCal(9a-11/Sunset 18)

What a wonderful idea! I am studying landscape design and want to know more about how to help disabled or elderly gardeners. I'd love to read more ideas and little tricks like this.


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Just saw this post. I use the wooden 'barbeque skewers' for a lot of different things and they come in varied thickness.. some are about the same size around as a pencil but longer. I use them around new plants to prevent cut worm damage, to help keep a plant erect, to stir with, and so forth. EP

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Have you thought about using old kitchen implements? I have in my garden tool shed, and use often, things such as the large cooking spoons (slotted and not slotted), large forks and even knives . You would be surprised how handy they are. You can pick them up real cheap at thrift stores. And for potted plants, the table fork works great.


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