How to effectively and easily water garden?

Zinnia(z6 OH)August 7, 2002

Wow, great to see all the participation on this forum. My DMIL has been critacally ill for 3 months so I've been away for awhile.

We are currently in a a drought and I'm having a time trying to keep up with the watering. I bought a couple coiled hoses since they are much easier for me to deal with in my wheelchair, much lighter than a regular hose and easier to put away. Hand watering isn't going so well though, takes much too long. My garden is too large for soaker hoses and it's hard for me to keep moving sprinklers around and adjusting them. Any ideas? My DH said he's heard of sprinklers on a pole that cover a large area and eliminate ground interference but we have not been able to find them.

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taba(z5b MO)

zinnia - Overhead watering is not good for many plants because it encourages fungal diseases (very bad), and it's also not very easy to provide adequate, consistent coverage for an entire area. It also wastes a LOT more water than soaker hoses or drip irrigation. You will easily pay for the cost of the soaker hoses with the money saved in water bills and (IMO) fewer plants lost to disease. You can use sections of garden hose to link areas to be watered by soakers. Also, put it on a timer so you don't have to worry about it. I use a soil moisture meter to monitor soil moisture and establish a watering schedule that suits my particular soil and mulch. I assume you mulch your garden to conserve moisture.

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Chef_Wil(8 N. CA hills)

I spent several years in a wheel chair and can relate to many of your problems. I set up a moderate volume sprinkler system for my yards and garden. The system I chose was by Raindrip, the kind with the flexible vinyl hoses that you punch a hole in and fix a sprinkler or drip line port into. The system works great even for my overhead plants. I used adjustable dripers in the pots and sprinklers for the yard and garden. The whole system including timer and fertilizer was around 75.00. That is for the front and back yards. Most any hanyperson can lay the system out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our garden and pond

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