Seed planter - just might work

ned_ragAugust 10, 2002

Looks like a good idea for those of us who get back pain from leaning over to plant seeds. I'm going to try it next Spring.

This web page is a helpful site, check out their other garden tips also:

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nedragz4(z4 MN)

Since no one has replied to my post, I will bump it up, so the post eventually finds the end of the line.

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chrmann(z7 AL)

I use a seed planter and love it. It makes planting a whole lot quicker and saves bending and having to handle individual seeds. It is great for a handicap gardener. Although, this year, has been a disaster, garden-wise. It has been waaay too hot for someone with Lupus to get outside. I cannot get out in the sun and the heat gets me. Usually, we have some cloudy & rainy days that I can get outside and work in. We have had less than an inch of rain since spring. We have cracks in the yard big enough for a shoe to fit in. Real dangerous!! I have my tomatoes mulched a foot deep and still have to water each plant twice a week for quite sometime. We have not had much rain since last fall so it is taking a good bit of watering even with mulch. Normally, with mulch that thick, we can go at least two weeks between watering or rainfalls. This year, we are barely keeping anything alive watering twice a week. So, the only things that I'm watering are my tomatoes. My humingbird vine has done well as have several of my perrenials. The plants which have suffered most have been plants which are normally grown in dry areas. Beats me!!

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msgaz(9 Az)

What exactly is a seed planter? I've never heard of it. and I do a lot of seed gardening.

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I like that one. My worst seed problem is in planting fine seed like lettuce and onion. That planter would work if the seed was mixed with some damp soil and just a pinch put down the pipe at a time. There would have to be some thinning, but it would not be too bad.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso. (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.)
--Spanish proverb

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