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Ice13(zone 6)August 1, 2003

my room faces north and i would like to add one or two plants that would survive in a low light would be rather nice if they were perenials and made scented flowers.

also(and i know this is a bit much) it would be great if they were low-maintnence.

thanks in advance,


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karen_ct(z6a CT)

Hi Ice -
I'm not much of an indoor plant expert (I have much more success with outdoor plants) but ran across some info earlier today that may be helpful.

This web page (link below) has perennial plants listed by category (shade-loving, deep shade-loving, fragrant, etc.).

You might also want to consider an annual like Impatiens -- in my experience, they tend to flower prolifically even in shade.

Also, if you like fragrant plants, you might consider herbs (lavender, thyme, sage, etc). Most like dry soil so maintenance would be minimal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perennial lists by category

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

For a north-facing window a lot of plants would be difficult, like herbs, and even flowering plants for the most part need more light. One group of plants that occurred to me immediately is begonias, and I would suggest one of the rhizomatous ones. Some of them have quite colorful leaves, every bit as nice as flowers, and they prefer lower light and less water than many. Impatiens are a good suggestion, too, and while they are grown as annuals they are really tender perennials and can be kept growing for many years inside. I carried a particular favorite around for many years and many moves.

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Definitely worth a try is an old standby Dracaena fragran, there are several different green leaves varieties that the flowers usually smell nice.

Another all time undemanding favorite is Sansevieria. Beautiful genus and heavenly scent flowers travel strongly during the night hours.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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There are many Hostas for outside. I wasn't sure if you were thinking more for the inside. If so why not try a plant light in your window or both.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've had good experience with African Violets in a north window, also Anthurium 'Aeighteen' SMALLTALK RED is a small plant that produces a bright bold red bloom, but no fragrance. You might consider one of the small Azaleas that bloom year round. Some have a light fragrance. Home garden centers and florists sell them. Just remember to ask for the miniature or smallest variety. To add fragrance and a blossom to enjoy, you might try adding a cut blossom in a florist's tube. It's a, um, plastic tube(sorry) with a rubber lid. You stick a flower into the hole in the lid and stick the whole tube thing into a pot plant, usually a plant that doesn't make flowers. Florists here sell the tubes for about a dollar and they last forever. If you want a couple of free ones, email me and I'll send them. sorry I don't have enough for everyone.

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