Term for Accessible Garden Tools?

Corona_ToolsSeptember 19, 2011

I just came across this forum so thought I would ask the question; what is the most widely accepted term for tools designed used in an accessible garden? Is it accurate to refer to them as "adaptive" tools? I've heard other terms used but thought I would ask if there is a common one used.

Thank you.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Chris - I suspect that's a question to ask of therapists.

Personally: I want to use my old, familiar, 'fits me' tools. Simple ones. I loathe clip-on tools and long handles. I don't mind double action tools such as secateurs and loppers which do what I can't on a no-power in the hands/arms day. Comfortable and warm handles.

And tools that keep me independent.

You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway ( :-D ) - a major hassle for me is moving the hose pipe and putting it away again. Fixed watering systems aren't an option for my style of gardening (nor my low pressure water.) I loved the flat hose I found - but the materials were flimsy and it gave up in disgust. The light and coiled pipe - I'd have more success in wrestling anacondas. Stiff plastic is exhausting. The pistol grip delivery heads - I haven't found one yet that doesn't create hand cramps very quickly. The adjustable nozzles? Sometimes I just can't move them.

So - adaptive or adaptable doesn't matter to me. I'd like my tools to look 'normal' and do the work I have in mind while offsetting my erratic muscles and tender parts.

Can you?

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I've heard "ergonomic" and "adaptive".

Like vetivert, I haven't found many that were useful.

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