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Yellow22(7PA/NJ)October 14, 2004

How many years have you had some great ideas that just felt good to think about even though it might not be possible? I wake up and fall asleep thinking about gardening. Even though it could be almost a negative feeling of a dream or faliure if it's not possible, chances are it could all work out in the poccess on how. Don't stop having what you want come true, even weeds can be beautiful. I believe a postive outlook is so important and if the only gardening you can do today is to just bring a flower inside and add it to a vase, well then you have been rewarded.

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I agree. Gardens really make a place a home. EP

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Hey Debby! Every time I drive by your work, I enjoy your hard work. The daylilies you planted out front (rt.70) were great. I never had time to turn in, to see all that you've done since I was last there. Hopefully, I will have time next year. Just wanted to let you know that your hard work is appreciated by those of us who drive by it.

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I so thank you and I know when a person enters and it looks beautiful the day seems to get started on the right foot. It's a tough bussiness for health care workers and I just try to stay upbeat even with plantings. Spotty was what I got from a Morris arboretum consultant, but not my style too. My boss did add he get lots of compliments so I know well enough as I'm not up there on the road often. I might spend a total of one day a year trying to keep it up. I do like the honks and when I know somebody and they stop I'm even more happy.
I can't believe you liked the daylilies even though they where special ones. I'm slowly taking them out. Wanted to tie in with what Medford did down the road and I'm not likeing it. I have enjoyed that rusty potato vine and the blue salvia this year.

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