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mensplaceNovember 9, 2009

I never had been in unending pain until this year, not, that is, the kind that can stop you in your efforts or desire to even keep on. Getting back to gardening has been a life saver...and I have written four books on starting over after losses or hardships! But, this year the rapidity of the onset of Forestiers Disease...every ligament and tendon from neck down to my hips is turning to solidified calcium and fusing the joints. Pinched nerves throughout. After heart stints, Chronic GERD, and two strokes, when this started I had just about given up. Then I read about straw bale and winter gardening. It doesn't cost me the 85.00 three times a week that 'therapy does". THIS is therapy. Now, I am slowly, very slowly watching as straw bales filled with compost and composted manures as well as straw covered potatoes and onion to "over-winter" allow me to sit on the ground with a short hoe-like spade and do something fruitful. This whole forum HAS been a life saver because the whole thing had overwhelmed me. So, I can go slowly, do a bit at a time, and each day see something new and different. Then at days end take the two mandatory morphines that are apparently the only thing that will even touch the pain. NOT whining, but giving thanks for the ability to walk out to the garden with my cane, sit on the ground or atop a bale in the full sun and ENJOY the beauty of fall while planning for tomorrow. Life CAN be good despite whatever temporary setback. No, this won't ever be "healed", but just the chance to "play in the dirt again" now beats the heck out of sitting on a couch and asking "is this all there is", "is this what I have to look forward to". NO, I CAN do something fruitful and when the pin gets to bad, come inside for a break and work on book number 5. Even with the mask pumping air at night I can turn on an endless tape of the seaside and be transported to a beach somewhere. Thank you all!

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God Bless you,hang in there and enjoy everything around you.
I have arthritis,diabetic but my arthritis is what gives me pain but I go out rake leaves,plant and work in my flower beds/when I am tired I have two old lawn chars in back so I can sit and rest. Enjoy my kitten
My girlfriend asked me the other day how I did it.I told her if you sit and look at 4 walls all day your life will be gone before you have enjoyed. I make sure I go out everyday. We both got into quilting [not good] but I at least got her to do something.

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what an inspiration to read this ... keep on gardening through the pain.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Count me in. I agree gardening is the best therapy for pain and most anything else. Depresson too. When i'm outside. The world is brighter. I can make myself do what seems impossible inside. Like just reaching down and picking something up. Seeing a flower and knowing i had a hand in its being. and not thinking of myself.
I think there are alot of us around that can still see beauty through the pain.

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A great inspiring story. this story should be read! It's really great

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Its really great.

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Excellent message on how to live! Godspeed in all you do!

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I also have been trying to determine the best way to do raised bed gardening with certain physical issues. I'm also a nurse. We ARE a stubborn lot! I think the haybale garden might also work for my yard. My yard is uneven, but you can just stack the haybales without having to level the ground as I would with 4x4's, And eventually, as the haybales break down, I could use them to create a somewhat more level area in my hilly yard!

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Good for you! Never give up. I use an electric scooter to get around my gardens and long handled tools. My scooter has a basket on the front so I can carry my oxygen. I'm going to try lasagna gardening this year. I have two raised beds but Perennials freeze out in them so I use them for annuals and some veggies. A friend does the hay bales or rather straw bales and she loves it and raises all kinds of stuff, mostly veggies. Best Wishes and Good Luck to you!

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I loved reading your message and hope you go on to have many, many more years of enjoying your garden! Thank you for sharing :-)

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