Easy to Use Shovel?

electricalumbilical(5)November 15, 2002

Hello all. I started gardening this year, and it has been a wonderful experience. I've started a rose garden, a bulb garden, and a compost pile.

One major problem I've encountered is finding a shovel that meets my needs. I'm not physically strong, and most shovels are much too heavy. I've tried a child's shovel, but it doesn't have a bend in the shovel head, so I have to bend low for each scoop, and it is hard on my back. I need an ultra-lightweight shovel with a large enough head to scoop compost materials. My dear husband bought me a fiberglass-handled one, but the handle was too fat for my hands to hold comfortably. Does anyone have any suggestions of a brand of shovel that might work for me? I would appreciate any ideas where I could order such a shovel. Are there shopping sites that cater to special needs gardeners?

Thank you for your help.


Applewood Annie

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Annie, I use a shovel with a very narrow blade, very long blade, almost straight. My husband takes out the short handle and puts a long straight handle in it. It digs where I want to dig, not over there where the spoon shaped ones try to dig. It is great for transplanting, and digs deep, so the roots are not cut. I can dig a long time with it, and not hurt afterwards. Don't ask me why, I just know it works for me. For mulch, I use an old timey hay fork, very light weight, a perfectly balanced invention. I see no use in using a heavy tool, if a light one will do. Also, keep your shovels sharp, it will help a lot. Lotta

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We have one of those. It is called a trenching or drain spade. See link below for photos and info.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
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Here is a link that might be useful: Shovels - Choosing The Right Tool

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Dear LottaFruit - Once again I direct people with disabilities to get in touch with a company called GardenScape as they carry a very extensive line of all kinds of tools for the disabled. They are a sponsor of GardenWeb and I have personally nothing but praise for this company.
They are most helpful they have a toll free number: 1-888-472-3266 and their staff will give you information over the phone or they will send you a free catalogue if you request one. I did not check before starting this response whether you are an American or Canadian. I mention this becuase they are a Canadian Conpany and if you pay for your order in US Dollars (which amounts to an approx. saving of over 50%) They deliver for a nominal Fee to both Canada & US and they stand behind their merchandise. If you get an item you are not satisfied with they will refund your money.

I recommended this company many times and I would love to have feedback from someone who received their merchandise, were you happy with your putchases, and were they helpfull.
I assure you I am not employed by them and I receive no compensation from them (as was suggested by a poster) my only interest is in finding help for the disabled, like myself)

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The shovel I use is available at any Lowe's, hardware store, and some plumbing supply stores. Get creative with the handles. You can buy handles at the hardware type store, and put whatever kind of handle you want on a tool.One time I needed a new handle for something, and my husband couldn't make one right then. I went and looked all the handles over, and bought what I wanted. The clerk said, that's not a shovel handle, I told him it is now. You can put a wooden rake handle(smaller diameter, straight) on a shovel, if you want to. Hang in there, Lotta

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Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. I'm going to look for a suitable trenching shovel with a lightweight fiberglass handle. As you point out, Lotta, if it doesn't have the handle I need, I'll just change it.

Applewood Annie

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