alternative to stepping stones?

Jitai(z9)December 15, 2003

I wanted to put stepping stones as a path in my garden but I'm afraid my dad would have a hard time using them as a path--sometimes he's in a wheelchair and others he has full leg-braces that make him awkward when walking. I really don't want to put down a plain cement path but I don't know what else I could do; anyone have ideas?


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Maybe this would work.

Here is a link that might be useful: paving stone

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Wonder how wood planking or indoor outdoor carpet would work. Good luck.

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Hmm. I'll check that stuff out, thanks!

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How about pouring your concrete sidewalk and imprinting it with flowers or leaves or something. You can even get a stain to mix in with your concrete to give it some color.

Or you can press things into your concrete when it's almost dry. Try seashells, buttons, pretty rocks, etc.

Or get stencils and paint ivy leaves, butterflies, frogs, flowers or something on the concrete when it's cured.

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Ooo, nice ideas! I could do imprints like that on some of it but leave a side smooth part for the chair... I'll do some research...

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I've been noodling the same question. I have a very long stretch of lawn to traverse to get to my butterfly garden, and I'm now confined to a wheelchair about 90% of the time. I don't want something that looks like it cuts the lawn in half, and would prefer a "pervious" surface. Perhaps pavers in a neutral color are the answer!

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Hmmm; neutral-colored pavers might work, but I'd have to make sure they'd work for him when he was wearing the leg brace as well as when he was in the wheelchair--he's supposed to be in the chair most often but he ends up walking more of the time....
Thanks for the ideas!

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