Need advice on moving Jeri Jennings

dublinbay z6 (KS)September 25, 2011

I'm adopting out one of my Jeri Jennings--lovely rose, but does have some blackspot problems,besides I want Austin's Lady of Shalott for that spot. Anyway, I found a good home for it, and now the big question is when and how to make the big move.

Since I won't get Lady of Shalott until next spring, I thought March might be a good time to move JJ--she'd still be dormant and probably would hardly notice she had been moved. So do you think March would be a good time to move her?

The person receiving JJ seemed to indicate that he is interested in cutting JJ way back for the move. He mentioned something about new canes growing back from the base. I have sometimes cut canes back to the soil line on some of my other roses and had really nice new ones grow back, but I've only done that on well-established roses and I've never done it on a hybrid musk. Does that seem like a good thing to do when a rose is being transplanted? He mentioned it would be easier for him to move the rose--which is true--but I thought maybe cutting it back by about half might be adequate and safer. What do you think?

My JJ in question is about 4 years old and 3-4 ft tall and wide.

Appreciate any advice you can give. The guy getting the rose is a vegetable gardener, not a rose gardener (though this is the second rose he got from me), so I'm sure he will move the rose any way I suggest. I'm just not sure myself which might be the best way.


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seil zone 6b MI

Early spring is probably the best time to move a rose. If you can dig the soil you can move it in March. If it's only 3 or 4 feet tall now I don't think it really needs severe pruning. I would just wrap it with burlap or twine (like Christmas trees are wrapped for shipping) to move it. That should keep anything from breaking. Water it well the day before you move it and dig a big root ball and put it on a tarp to move it intact as much as possible. It should be fine.

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