Have you started your 2012 lists?

vettin(z6b Northern VA)September 18, 2011

If so, will you share what is on them? Have not started a list yet, although I have some ideas, the one thing I did order was vintages book, which I am sure will enable....

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Campanula UK Z8

have been ordering sporadically since July and as usual, forget what I have ordered but, from what I remember:
Trevor White Roses:
Helenae hybrid
Souvenir de Claud Denoyel
Mme Louis Leveque
R.pomifera duplex
Kew Rambler

Lens roses: Patricia Beucher (or something like
Jaqueline Humery
Bierkreek roses: Darlows Enigma
Cottage Memories roses: Crocus Rose
Penny Lane
Souvenir du Dr.Jamain
Hot chocolate
Aimee Vibert
various others: Odyssey

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Nope, I still can't make up my mind in how to cover my 6' chain link fence; first it was ramblers, then large bushes, then vines, burford hollies, today it's back to large bushes. At any rate, will be checking out Vintage for more roses! C'mon, ogrose, make a decision and stick to it! 20 more yards of landscape soil coming in this week, then maybe can start planting...

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Don't have much room left in my gardens, but I'm excited about getting the following Austins:
*Lady of Shalott -- partly for its name referring to Tennyson's poem. And for its wild colors and disease-resistance.
*The Pilgrim -- yellow/creme climber. Looks wonderful.

Do wish I had room for a whole long hedgerow of Austin's Princess of Alexandria, but I don't, so scratch that idea. Sigh.

I've also ordered a few moderns: Red Intuition, Memoire, and mini Little Sunset.

And I'm still looking for a whitish/light colored climber for that pillar with the dark purple clematis on it. Tried real hard to locate an older rose for it, but that didn't work out. Have no idea now what to use as a substitute, but I guess I still have a couple months for making a decision.


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Campanula, please also take a look at the new Souv. de Louis Lens. I was in contact with Ann there the other day. She shared it is a sister of the other Trier X Mutabilis crosses. They have grown it for many years in their garden and decided to introduce it, named for Mr. Lens as it is his seedling, always in flower and the new foliage is "brownish", which I interpret to mean bronzy where the others are usually more regular green. I grow Apricot Bells and Patricia Beucher. Plaisanterie is also a sister as is Souv. de Rose Marie. None of them have very bronzey new foliage as Souv. de Louis Lens is supposed to. It must be a good rose for them to have grown it for over a decade before deciding to introduce it. The photos look very much like a yellow Mutabilis. What's not to like? Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Souv. de Louis Lens

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dublinbay z6 (KS)


I wish I had room for a hedgerow of Austin's Princess Alexandra of Kent.

Actually I may still have that name wrong, but now it is closer to the correct name than it was in the earlier post. LOL


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

This is really my late 2011 list. I have more than I wanted since Chamblee's did not cancel the rose order I had asked them to. Of course they graciously said to keep the roses and offered me a refund but I couldn't bear to take it, not when I have the roses and every nursery is struggling to some degree.

The Dark Lady (came with a gorgeous flower and a bud)
Bon Silene
Mrs. B.R. Cant (with pale pink flowers)
Amazone (covered with buds and one flower)

Duchess of Albany
Pretty Jessica
Le Pactole
Mrs. B.R. Cant (so now I'll have three in my garden!)
Graf Fritz von Hochberg
Baptiste LeFay (two plants)
Souvenir de President Carnot


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greybird(z7 TX)

Ingrid, you will love Le Pactole.

I don't have list yet. I ordered Fruhlingmorgen and Alba Foliacea from the Heirloom sale, 25% off everything through the 18th.

Can't decide on which noisettes from Vintage.

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le_jardin_of_roses(zone 10)

Kate, maybe try Claire Austin, or Snow Goose on the pillar with the purple clematis. : )


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Happy those who are planning their orders! I can't think about buying roses when the garden is dry as a bone and plants are dying left and right. Money being tight in our household doesn't help either. I haven't ordered anything, or even thought about getting roses: possibly a process of mental digestion is going on. Also the propagating beds and pot ghetto are jammed, with roses among many other things.
Well, it rained yesterday, not as much as I'd have liked; skies are gray with a forecast for clearing, and the temperature has dropped ten degrees. Today I'm looking forward to getting some more plants out of pots and into the ground, a process my husband and I began yesterday with a handful of lavenders, valerian, and a rosemary. We also dug a flourishing 'Brenda Colvin' out of the propagating bed and planted it where it can climb into a black locust. Roses and more roses. Perhaps I can finally make myself make that shrub order I've been thinking about for the last three months, too. The summer drought, now ended at last, doesn't put only the garden to sleep: my brain's been in a state of torpor since early August. But finally I'm waking up.

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I'm not buying anymore roses. I think I have cure my own addiction because I found another hobby. I'm glad that the past few months, I haven't been logging on to this website. I can finally 'sleep' without thinking about roses or which roses I should buy next. Already, I have cut down my rose collection to 5. I'm happy with the ones I've got and it's easier to look after them and admire them than say 20+ roses.
I'm only saying this because I don't own a house with a large garden yet. I thought this rose collection hobby would bring joy and happiness to me. Well, I'm not always happy you see. I get frustrated when some roses don't perform well than others. Deep inside of me, I want to spend my leisure time going out and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and play sports than spending my whole weekend staring at my garden.

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strawchicago(zone 5a)

Jumbojimmy: thanks for that very wise perspective - I agree. Fifteen years ago it was a futile, meaningless and empty hobby: watering my 15 hybrid teas, spraying them with chemicals but still lost them to black spots, winter kill, and rabbits. There were no butterfly nor bees in that chemical-ridden garden.

This year with 10 baby Austins - it's different the organic way, and "going with the flow of nature" as Roseseek (Kim) taught me. My whole family, from my husband to my kid love sniffing the fragrant Austins - these are brief moments in paradise.

The best part is seeing how excited the bees are. I get tons of free annual flowers from my neighbor's nursery - but got 1 bee in front for the past decade. This year I planted 6 Austins in front. I cut all the flowers for indoor vase, leaving one or two for the bees. There were at least 5 bees buzzing above that one Wise Portia flower.

I grow roses for the bees and the environment. It defeats the purpose to spray with chemicals and kill the bees. Next year I'll plant 10 more roses, but no more. That should be enough for one flower to sniff per day, and plenty of excitement for the bees.

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seil zone 6b MI

I always have a list going but my dilemma is that I do not have any more room. I have to wait and see what doesn't make it through winter before I know what room I'll have for new ones. So I can't just order a bunch now for spring and then have nowhere to put them. That's how I ended up with 60 in pots. I can't handle that many and don't have space to winter that many so we had to dig a new bed to cut that number down to 33. No place else to dig new beds so I'm pretty limited now. So I'll just keep a list and see what develops next spring. It's tough because by then the choices will be very limited. I have left spots open for a season waiting for the fall orders just so I could get a particular one I wanted but that's hard too! Who on earth has the strength and patience to wait a year to fill a hole in their rose bed?

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I don't have a list, because I still have a pot ghetto that needs planting, and no space. Our climate is so good for roses that mine never die - or at least, not until they are almost 100 years old! I am also reluctant to take them out, preferring to give them more care (or make that some care - I neglect my garden a lot), and then enjoy watching them come back.

Melissa - I know what you mean about waiting for the Summer drought to end. Ours has not ended yet, but should sometime in the next 45-60 days. I was out weeding a bed next to the sidewalk yesterday. Despite being on our automatic irrigation system, it was dry as a bone, and I had to dig out the weeds instead of just pulling them. I weeded, fed, mulched, and then put on "weed seed prevent", and then watered and watered that bed, promising that the Winter rains would come soon. We really have our Spring in the Fall in Oct/Nov, for most plants. They perk up, some of my "Spring" bulbs come up, and the roses resume putting out new growth. By January all of the fruit trees are blooming, along with the native acacia trees. I can't wait!


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I am actually not ordering any new ones this year (or so I say now...). I have NO room in my small yard, and still several in pots. This year I had a horrible problem with rose midge and have had very few blooms, and since August, tons of blackspot. So, I'm a little discouraged. After reading about Pickering cutting their offerings for next year, though, I have this panicky feeling that the roses I still yearn for won't be there when I'm ready.

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Fall 2011 purchases are:

Mrs. Charles Bell
Romaggi Plot Bourbon
Marie Pavie
Vineyard Song
Aunt Margy's Rose
Enfant de France (A thorny HP? What was I thinking?!)

I should NOT buy anything next year. Like others, I'm way out of room, and will be looking to see what can go and what I can't live without. I know someone with a big back yard who will probably be getting lots of donations in 2012.

After all, I also need room for the Sambac Jasmines, Gardenias, dwarf carnations, basil, etc.

But I'm always tempted when I see what gems others have discovered. Ingrid's Graf Fritz von Hochberg and Souvenir du President Carnot look wonderful. (Take lots of pictures of those, Ingrid!)

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Juliet, thanks for the reminder. Had looked them up earlier, but don't remember now why I passed them up cuz they are lovely roses. Will check them again.


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These are what I've ordered from Vintage and Burlington. The hybrid teas are ones I've wanted for a long time. A couple are recommended as really good for the PNW climate. It's the largest order I've ever placed with Vintage, but since I've been looking at these for a couple of years now and they were in stock, I thought I'd better go ahead and order them. Fingers crossed they'll do well up here. Gean

Souvenir de Alphonse Lavallee HP
Rosenprinzessin Pol
St. Elisabeth of Hungary
Ivory Fashion VID Fl
Sutter's Gold VID HT
Lemon Spice VID HT
Irish Fireflame HT
Gardens of the World

Sweet Pea
The Faun
Annie Laurie McDowell

I wanted to order Lavender Dream but it's out of stock at both Vintage and Rogue Valley. Maybe another year.

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I currently have two roses on order with Vintage, their newly acquired European Bouquet d'Or (which is said to be more vigorous than the American clones), and Climbing Devoniensis. I have set aside spaces on the back fence for these two. Other than this, my planned rose spaces are full. I'm sure that from time to time I will fall in love with a rose and order it -- provided that any rose nurseries remain -- but my big rose acquisition period is over. In the interests of full disclosure, I should admit that I said this last year then added a whole new bed.

However, as I eye the unfilled spaces of our property, I'm thinking trees, not roses. The sloped area outside the fence would benefit from a large grove of trees. I have been making lists: coast live oak, California buckeye, madrone, sycamore, and California black walnut. Presently there are two huge California bay trees, several coast live oaks, one walnut, and lots of bare earth on a steep slope that must be plowed yearly for fire prevention -- not the best situation. That area is indefensible from the deer, but I think I can protect the trees long enough to get them up above deer browsing height.


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I like both your new roses and your tree plans: good luck! Here the weather is still droughty and too warm in the afternoons and there's no rain in the two week's forecast. Snarl. Guess I'll have to stop planting and do something else for a while.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

I think my garden is about as full as it can get, but you never know. There are always items on the "I want" list. I'd love to work in Rosette Delizy and Ducher.

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wren_garden(zone 5b/6)

I shovel pruned 2 Austins this Fall. I would not have room otherwise. I asked for suggestions here for alternatives and got great ideas. Then I saw that Vintage is closing in 2013 and thought I should get something special from them while I can. I had always hesitated getting a custom root order @ $45 per being a fairly new gardener. (8 yrs) Well I added this element to the search for the replacement 2-3. Here is the list of candidates from Vintage.

Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseaux...White Damask
Cumberland Belle...blush pink climbing Moss
Deuil de Paul Fontaine...purple Moss
James Veitch ...red purple Moss with continious bloom
Salet... pink Moss with continious bloom
Mme. Ernst Calvat...pink climbing Bourbon
Mme. Dore...lt. pink 2'tall Bourbon
Mme. Isaac Pereire... deep blue pink climbing bourbon
Black Boy... deep red lg. flowering climber.

I know I may be zone pushing a bit with some which are listed as zone 6b. I'll review them all again when I get a bit of distance from the rose fever of garden season. Have to evaluate some as suitable for Pillar growing to save room in the garden for one area and a shortie for another area. Of course then there is the hunt for a third spot for some special love. None can be allowed to get wider then 3 feet to fit well. Luxury concerns. Perfume and special form being the most important elements.

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I have grown Stanwell Perpetual, and Mme Isaac Perriere which is a sport of Mme Ernest Calvat. So these last two are basically alike except for color. Of these three I would Choose Stanwell Perpetual because it is, well, perpetual, one of the bloomingest roses I know. It blooms well and thrives in difficult circumstances and the fragrance is good. It is not, however, a sumptuous rose like a cabbage rose but rather flatter with a button eye and medium sized.

I just checked HMF which said it had moderate fragrance. I would have given it credit for a little more fragrance and HMF said it was white shading pink. I would have said pink fading to blush. Hope this helps.


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I just ordered 2 'Lamarque' for my entry arbor, can't wait to see that marvelously healthy curtain of deep green leaves studded with white roses,that stays in bloom here, through most of 4 seasons.

Yolande d' Aragon' if it is healthy enough for my no spray garden.
still deciding on these:
Boule de Neige' my fave Bourbon
Blanc de Vibert'
another Tea rose for my Tea rose border.
a climbing pink rose for my garden shed.
I was hoping to buy a pink Tea-Noisette from vintagegardens.com from their French rose imports one day,... now I shall hang my head and cry.


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Question: does 'Blanc de Vibert' do well for ANYONE? Here in Italy at least it has a bad reputation as a rose that won't grow, or, if it grows, won't bloom, or form blooms that manage to open. A frustrating rose. Does anybody in the U.S. grow it successfully?

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