Re-stocking a pot ghetto

rosefollySeptember 24, 2011

A few weeks ago I had all my roses planted either in the ground or in permanent pots. Today I went to the SJHRG fall sale and all that changed.

What I really had in mind was Curtiss Avenue Yellow Tea, but they only had two available. Both were sold in the first half hour before I got there. Found roses are really appealing to me these days. I did find two roses to buy, Edith Perry, a seedling of 'Bon Silene', and Plymouth Fence Tea. No doubt I can find a space out by the deer fence for these two, especially if I move one of the grapevines.


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Rosefolly, so interested to hear that you are wanting to plant tea roses. I hope you're really happy with your re-established ghetto and the roses that you bought.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I really enjoyed going to that event last year and missed it this time. The roses that I bought last year are all in the ground and happy. I believe that the pot ghetto is an important part of the garden ongoing. There's always something that has to be replaced.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

We'll be back NEXT year.

Clay wanted Edith Perry, too.


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Harborrose, it isn't so much that I want to plant teas, it is more that I want to plant found roses. I have several hybrid perpetual type found roses in my garden as well. HPs are probably my favorite class. I also love the OB-OGRs but they don't thrive here.

Mendocino Rose - You make a valid point. The thing about a pot ghetto that bothers me is that I see it as an unfinished chore. If I could get over that I would relax more about it.

Jeri - I'll let you know how Edith Perry turns out. I've always liked the name Edith, though I've never known anyone with that name. I think that may have snagged my interest. Besides, the picture was pretty.


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Paula, I used to look at the pot ghetto as an unfinished task. Now I look at it as my nursery. I'm with you on the found roses. I've found that they are usually the strongest growers in my garden.

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lol, Rosefolly - I'll amend my statement. I am interested to hear that you are wanting to plant found roses, even if they are teas! This is just gentle teasing, Paula. I just remember your not wanting to plant teas and since I love them so much I'm glad you want to plant some, even if it is because they are the more mysterious found varieties.

And I am always interested in pot ghettos. Mine grows not necessarily because I have space or a spot, just because I want to see what it will grow into.

Smiling at you, Gean

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Gean, you have too good a memory. It's fortunate that I'm not running for political office (besides the fact that I would do a miserable job at governing). You would catch me up on all my statements that contradicted what I said before!

I can't smell teas, unfortunately, and they take up a lotta space for to-me-unscented roses. But I am a creature of contradictions.

Pamela, I learn a lot of good things from you, always have.


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I only remember things about roses, Rosefolly. I wish I could remember more useful things, like where I put my keys and whether I turned off the iron!

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