Delbard roses in Florida

saldutSeptember 25, 2012

Is anyone here in Fla. growing Delbard roses? I'd like to know their opinion and experience.. I see where Cool Roses has them on Fort., so hopefully they are suited for this climate, but want to get some input first... how do they handle our humidity.. and Blackspot... etc. etc. Thanks, sally

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Thanks for drawing my attention to them - they look really interesting!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I'm not in Florida, but my area is hot and humid and thunderstormy in the summer, so our summers are somewhat similar.

I grow Juliette Greco and Pierre Gagnaire. They are more disease-resistant than Austins, I'd say. PG is bulletproof, and JG only gets minor bouts of BS. They are both very vigorous.

The thing I notice most is that they are both so much taller than the listings say they should be. They are both pretty huge and could be used as climbers. PG is slower to build back up again, but Juliette goes right back to being a climber after being pruned short.

PG tries to set his gorgeous hips from the 1st flush on, so he also requires deadheading to keep up the really good blooming. I leave the late-season hips! They are fat and pretty :)

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Where did you get them? I looked them up - they look really nice. Tip: Most roses get larger than the listings say, especially in a warm climate. All but one of my roses are on their own roots, and the ones that have matured are quite a bit larger than the info says. When I shop for roses, I always add at least a foot to the size the info says when I think about where it would go.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I got them at Ashdown :( Ashdown was my favorite!

Roses Unlimited has some nice Delbards. I love RU, too.

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Thanks rosies, I'm glad they are liked, but I need to hear from folks here in Fla., also I need to get them on Fortuniana because of the nematodes... they have a limited selection at Cool Roses and maybe someone sees this with one of them growing in their garden can advise me how they do, here in BS heaven central Fla. I hate to go ahead and get them and after struggling to keep them alive, find out they are dogs here.... this climate and soil is problematic at the least.... Thanks again I appreciate the comments, sally

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