Rosette DeLizy

jacqueline9CASeptember 26, 2012

Well, there are rewards for finally getting into the garden for only about the third time this summer (long story)...

My DH and I spent about 2 hours in one area, just cutting back flowering plants that had gone to seed, weeding, etc. It was a jungle. I cut off some huge hollyhock branches that were covered with seed pods. Inside of the hollyhock mess, to my delight, was Rosette DeLizy, blooming away. Before I cut the 10 ft tall finished hollyhock stalks you could hardly see her. She got NO care all summer, except for some automatic watering. Happy and healthy none-the-less. I LOVE tea roses!


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Jackie, how many roses do you have? I'm constantly impressed at its extent.


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Not that many really. I have not counted them lately (as you know, they multiply when you are not looking), but I would estimate somewhere around 150. However, they lurk all over the garden tangled with other plants, and in pots on the patio, and out by the street, and in the wild places growing up trees & buildings, so I only notice a few at a time. Roses are sneaky that way! I always chuckle when I see gardens laid out with nothing but roses in formal beds, all perfect, or in rows like they are being farmed - my roses are not that domesticated!


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Jackie, the color of your Rosette Delizy is delicious! Mine in the summer is a much less interesting buff color with a bit of darker edging. I wonder if yours is so colorful because it was being protected from the sun by the hollyhocks.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

That lady doesn't seem to like really hot temps. Leastways, she has her best color in cooler temperatures.

Another of those wonderful Nabonnand roses ...


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I don't know if it was the hollyhocks or the cooler temps we have been having for two weeks, or that the bush is now mature. My RDL is only about 3 years old, but it has always had blooms of that color. However, this is the first time there have been so many of them, and they are now larger than before. I got it from Vintage.


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I think I need one, esp if it does better in cooler temperatures. :) Thanks for that great picture, Jackie.

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That's a great looking RdL! It looks much better than mine ever has, and it's about 12 years old. Right now, with the heat, the blooms are about 1-1/2" across and very tight, and don't look good at all (that's about what I expect from most roses this time of year). And it's a thrip magnet, the only one I have!

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