Is La France a repeat bloomer?

eahamel(9a)September 26, 2012

I just saw one at a local nursery, and the info said it was a spring bloomer. I thought it bloomed spring and fall. I'm in Houston, mild climate.

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Both bush and climbing La France flower spring through fall here in SoCal, as long as they receive enough resources. If theirs flowers only in spring, it isn't the traditional La France. Or, their sign was generated by someone who hit a wrong button or who knows little about roses. Kim

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La France is a frequent bloomer in my garden

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La France is very dependable here. It's got a tall, open and airy habit. If you don't like long legs on a rosebush, this isn't the rose for you. The flowers aren't always 100% upright but have a gentle grace. If the summer heat makes the flowers small, then they're upright. In spring and fall when the flowers are big, they bend on the stems. Mine just hates pruning. Heavy pruning makes it stop growing thus it is a tall plant now. If I had to do it again, I would put it in the back. It makes a slow and steady growth and is disease resistant. The silvery pink flowers are sweet and lemony. I like the shape of the beginning to open flowers better than most HTs I grow.

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Kitty, thanks for this detailed info. I found one at a local nursery that orders from Chamblee's, and it's definitely on my "strong maybe" list.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I wish I'd known about the tall, long legs part. I planted mine at the very front since for some reason I'd gotten the idea that it was a rather short rose. I wonder if pruning to keep it small would be a good idea or if that would hurt flower production.


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Eahamel -- Did the local nursery inform you that their 'La France' came to them from Chamblee's? I ask because, to my knowledge, Chamblee's has never offered either the bush or the climbing form of 'La France'. I suppose there's a possibility that they've recently added it to their inventory of OGRs. Both forms are available, however, from Antique Rose Emporium (also located in TX).

Am I right in assuming that the plant you saw was not in bloom? If it was, I'd be very interested in your assessment of its fragrance.

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Jax, I don't know where they got it, but some of their roses come from ARE. That's why I was wondering about the sign saying it bloomed in the spring. ARE wouldn't say that. I think it was in a 3 gallon pot, larger than Chablee's 1 gallons. No, it wasn't in bloom when I saw it. I may go to ARE soon and will take a look at it there. I'd like to find out what it smells like, too.

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My La France has excellent repeat bloom, almost continuous.

I got mine from Antique Rose Emporium. It has a beautiful, sweet fragrance.

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Here's my La France back when we got some rain. Love these elegant flowers. Sorry it's not turned the right way. I have to get someone to show me how to do that. Anyway I wanted to put the picture up even if sideways because La France is so pretty.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

A lovely picture, nevertheless, of what I think is a great rose. I haven't seen a flower on mine in quite a while because I'm disbudding it until cooler weather sets in, but I well remember how thrilled I was with its first bloom which, contrary to what happens with many young roses, was full-size, gorgeous and wonderfully fragrant. If it works for your climate I don't think you'd want to be without it.

eahamel, if the nursery plant you saw wasn't in bloom it should at least have had buds on it if it is the true La France, unless the plant was really badly cared for.


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Ingrid, I'll take a look at it next time I go up there. It may have had small buds, I don't remember.

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